How to Stop Missing Your Ex Boyfriend

Are you sad because of a bad breakup and still miss your ex-boyfriend? Have you recently seen him move on while you are still single and even though you do not want to get into another relationship, you still do not like how he has moved on?

Well, that is not too big of an issue, as forgetting about your ex-boyfriend is not too hard to do. You just need to know how you are the best to be out there and voila – you will be free.


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    His things

    Since you miss your ex-boyfriend, there is a possibility that you might across things that he has given to you, or you had to give to him. Moreover, there might also be a possibility that there are things around you from which you might associate moments with him. Therefore, you need to get rid of all such things and even though initially it is going to be hard, but once you do it, it will not be too much of a problem. Once they are gone, you will realize that they were a big hurdle in your way towards a free mind.

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    Think about yourself

    Now is the time you think about yourself and not him. You have had a breakup and you should not think about how things have been with him. Therefore, try to think about yourself and how you are the best person and deserve a lot better than him.

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    Forget about the good times

    Mostly it is hard to forget about your past relationships because you have gone through a lot of good things together. Therefore, try to avoid thinking about the good times and think about how the relationship ended. The end of the relationship is mostly the reason for your breakup and that might make you angry and hate him even more. Use that anger and hate to permanently kick him out of your mind.

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    Friends and family

    If you are finding it really hard to deal with such a breakup, it is time for you to seek help from your friends and family. While friends are always there for you in such problems, family is the primary source for comfort. Try to go and talk to your parents about him, and tell them how you want to get rid of his thoughts. They will definitely help you.

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    This is extremely important as without confidence nothing is possible.

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