How to Change Negative Habits

There is no harm in accepting this fact that majority of us are grabbed by Negative habits, which exist in numerous forms. These habits can be no doubt very irritating towards the people in our social circle. Sometimes the negative habits can ruin one’s life by presenting his or her personality in a pessimistic way. On the other hand, these negative habits can replaced with the positives ones in order to give birth to a sober and well-mannered personality.  The great news for all of is the fact that the “Human behaviors (habits) are actually automatic behaviors that can be changed with determination and the will power.

So, do you have a habit you want to change? Are you ready to change your negative habits? Most probably, if yes, then simply follow the given below simple steps:


  • 1

    Figure out the negative habit

    It is a human psyche to consider themselves as the perfect person of the world with no bad habits.  No doubt it requires a big heart to accept your fault or your negative habits. Therefore, take your time and figure out the habit that you want to change. Many times one of our habits can be all right for us and can irritating to others. So, think from other point of view as well.

  • 2

    Embrace this fact that “it is really going to hard”

    It is not like this that you identified your negative habit and you are going to change it with few days. You really have to work hard to quit a habit after it all about going against the already developed habit and eradicating it from root. Make a mind that it is really going to hard for you to change your negative habit BUT it is not impossible at all.

  • 3

    Share with your family members or friends

    Sharing feeling with your close and loved ones lessens the pain. Moreover, you come up with sincere suggestions and solutions as well. Therefore, feel free to discuss your negative habit and your strategy to change it with your loved ones.

  • 4

    Your willpower is your strength

    Well said by Mahatma Gandhi, the late preeminent Indian leader, “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from willpower.”  Once you make a strong determination to change a habit, no one can stop you, “Not even you.” Your willpower and strong determination to change your negative habit is a guarantee to get rid of your unwanted attitude.

  • 5

    Start work on the project to change your negative habit

    Once you are all set to change your negative habit, do not take time in starting a practical work on it. Be very consistent and do not divert your focus to other things. Once you lose concentration, you will be out of track. In case if you find it very tough to live without a specific habit, try to do it once a week and increase the number of times per week over time until you get rid of it.

  • 6

    Do not give up early

    You may find it difficult to change a specific habit as you are already used to it. However, stick yourself to simple formula and one of golden saying “slow and steady wins the race.” It may take you time, but the outcome of your effort will be no doubt a very fruitful one.  Keep struggling until you change your negative habit completely.

  • 7

    Stop yourself when you find yourself doing the habit

    Stay focused and try your best to catch yourself when you find yourself repeating the negative habit and stop yourself on the spot. Whenever you are about to perform any specify negative habit, wake yourself up and try to replace it with a positive habit. For example, if nail-biting is the negative habit that you want to get rid of, file your nails rather than putting them into your mouth and giving birth to diseases. Isn’t it a perfect and convincing example? You can think of so many other examples, keeping your negative habits in mind.

  • 8

    Reward yourself

    Once you changed your negative habit, reward yourself for performing such a difficult task successfully. Appreciate yourself, get some nice complements from your loved ones and feel good.

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