Top 10 Reasons People Divorce

When two people are getting married, they are certain about their commitment and resolve to spend the rest of their lives together, supporting each other through thick and thin. However, that is not exactly how things turn out to be for a significant percentage of couples.

Over the years, divorce rates have gone up all over the world, with more and more people getting hit by the realisation that marriage does not necessarily mean happily ever-after.

There are various factors that compel couples to bring their marriage to an end, instead of keeping the sacred bonds of matrimony intact.


  • 1

    High expectations

    This is normally the biggest reason for divorce. Both the spouses have a false notion in their heads about married life and expect each other to be ideal partners. That, however, hardly turns out to be the case, which is why their expectations and the marriage both come crashing down.

  • 2


    Having extra-marital affairs is an extremely common reason for divorce. Over-sexualised societies keep putting the control and loyalty of a married person to test. Some of the people succumb to their desires and therefore end up committing adultery. The spouse learns of this transgression sooner or later, which consequently leads to divorce.

  • 3


    When two people get married, they believe that they understand each other really well. However, as they continue to live in close proximity, they discover the differences in their personalities, interests, thoughts, ideas about married life, etc. This sudden realisation of incompatibility pushes some people towards divorce.

  • 4

    Rigidity and low tolerance

    Some people have a very low level of tolerance and are also stubborn. This creates friction between them and their spouse. The friction leads to problems and eventually divorce.

  • 5


    Dowry is a common reason for divorce in some countries, particularly India and Pakistan. Some families start harassing the newly-wed wife because they want her family to give more dowry. If the latter refuse or are unable to fulfill the demands of their daughter’s in-laws, pressure is put on the husband to divorce the wife. In most situations, the husband himself is involved in the harassment and greed for more dowry.

  • 6

    Lack of commitment

    Some marriages do not survive because the couple struggles to understand the true essence of their relation and the commitment begins to make them feel suffocated.

  • 7

    Lack of physical attraction

    Some couples begin to lose interest in each other as the marriage grows old. They cease to find each other attractive. With no spice or spark left in the relationship, they consider divorce as the best option.

  • 8

    Family pressures

    Family pressure can often result in a couple getting a divorce. Just as parents sometimes force their son or daughter to marry a person of their choice, they also do the exact opposite, i.e. force their son or daughter to take divorce by promising them a better life or threatening to harm their spouse.

  • 9

    Lack of communication

    Communication is the key to a successful marriage. If a couple stops talking and listening to each other, they are bound to reach a stage where they will develop a serious lack of trust. This consequently leads to problems and, in some occasions, to divorce.

  • 10

    Family background

    If a person has come from a family that is broken or that used to fight a lot, then they are likely to experience a failed marriage as well. On the other hand, a person coming from a happy and united family will be more positive and therefore have a greater chance of making their marriage work.

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