Most important gift you can give someone

The most precious gift:  I know a friend who is multimillionaire.  One day after one of the board meetings, she asked me if I am happy.  Off course I am happy, I replied immediately.   She smiled and we had rest of our coffee and went our separate ways. It didn’t click right away but as I drove home, her words flashed in front of my eyes again, “are you happy”.  I started to wonder why she asked that, she knew I have a great family life and financially everything was in order.

Next board meeting, I asked her what was her reason behind the question.  Her answer took my breath away and allowed me to form the path to the next step in my life.  I could even go as far as saying, she gave me an answer to a happy life.  Continue reading the most important gift you can give someone below…



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    Next meeting:

    Are you happy


    Will you be happy five years from now?

    Just like everything else in life, happiness must be planned for, worked towards and attained.  She is now divorced, her kids have moved on and her husband is no longer around.  Life at home is full of “everything” but is missing “everyone”.  She told me in her quest for a better life in the future, she forgot to mange the present.  She gave the kids nannies, all the toys, top schools but what she did not give was her time.  She always told herself, she is doing all this for them. They will have a better life and financial freedom. Once she has lot more money, she will have more time to spend with them as a family.

    It actually worked the opposite, more she succeeded financially, less time she was able to devote towards her family.  By the time she realized it was too late. She told me about a movie from Adam saddler “Click”, Adam has a remote control to fast forward any moments of his life. He fast forwarded, work, colds, family events and before you know it, he was a fat old rich man.

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    Listening to her story was touching to say the least and an eye opener.  I went home that day and decided I am going on maternity leave.  That was six years ago and I never looked back.  I was able to spend more time with my family and loved ones and it has been the best years of my life.


    Thought Bite: The most important thing you can give someone is, your time

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    Sometimes to do something special for someone else, all they need is your time.  I have a friend who is extremely successful, his children have all the latest gadgets in the market, yet they like spending more time in my house with my children compared to their own home.  My house has a loving, caring, respectful environment.  We spend times with each other and do things together.  Start spending time with people who you are close to. Nothing will make others who care about you, happier than your presence. Just be there for them. Listen to what they have to say. Take out time from your busy schedule and give them the time you believe they deserve.


    Thought Bite: No amount of money can replace quality time with your loved ones

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