How to Control Your Girlfriend

It is every man’s dream to have a girlfriend who is not one from the mental hospital and by mental hospital I mean that she is not a typical girl who is dying for new brands, clothing, footwear and respects you even if you can’t fulfil her demands on time. You can mould a woman if you have some who is not exactly from your dream world or fantasy. It is easy to think that you can control your girlfriend by force but you can also help her shape into something that will always be working in favour of your will.


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    Show respect to her needs that can be fulfilled without any problem. Never say no to something that you can easily do within schedule or afford but it doesn’t mean that the thing you can afford should always be bought. If the problem of being shopaholic is solved, almost 75 percent of the problem is solved and you are in a position to stamp your authority on the girlfriend.

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    You need to develop mental compatibility with her. You have to understand and develop a point where you guys can understand each other perfectly. Compromises are required in every relationship, hence; try to find common grounds where you can enjoy your life without having to fight every single day.

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    Listen to her. Know what she is saying before putting your point of view in front of her. Never ever neglect her point of view because it will give a feeling of disbelief that will make her feel that you are not caring enough. It will just ignite the issues and differences to the whole new level.

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    Intimacy is another thing that is crucial for the survival of the relationship and if you are good at pleasing her in that you will find a strong bargaining power over other issues. So, try to keep her between the legs and sometimes swap places so that pleasure is equally divided between the two of you. Know the focal points and understand her requirements; things that pleases her the most, positions that gives both of you the optimum satisfaction and the number of times you need to repeat the love making scene in a particular time period.

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