How to Be Mysterious to Attract People

Many people wonder why others enter their life and then are fed up after some time. He or she can be your crush, friend, colleague or even someone from family. However, the clandestine lies in the invisible signal that you send to him or her during your day to day contact and conversation with them. Too much attachment, emotion and excitement can chase them away. To keep people around, you must try to remain mysterious and keep the intrigue in your relationship.

Mysterious people are the ones who talk, walk and act differently. This is usually what makes people go crazy for mysterious people as they are the ones who know the tactics to grab the attention of people around. In short, they are the ones who wear their heart on their sleeve, causing other’s imaginations to run wild.

Read the simple instructions given below, be mysterious and attract people:


  • 1

    Being silent has a number of benefits

    Talkative people are open books and can easily be judged by others. Therefore, the very first thing you have to do is, “talk less and listen to others.” Be very specific, and try to make your answers as short and to the point as you can. This is an art that makes you different, which is among the traits of mysterious people.

  • 2

    Do not be always available

    It is a proven fact that people who hang out too much with others lose their worth automatically as things that are easily obtainable become less and less valued. So, make sure not to be always available to meet people, keeping the “law of scarcity”* in your mind. No doubt people around you will back off with a sudden change in your behavior but leaving them in order to make them crave for a little more of is a rule of being mysterious. However, do not worry as your absence in their life will definitely turn everything around and will force them to work to get you back. Once you get them back after the experiment, make sure to keep them there by being nice to be around BUT “scarce”.

    Note: * law of scarcity states that “when someone perceives something that they desire to be in limited quantity, the perceived value of that thing or person becomes much greater than if was widely available.”

  • 3

    Never answer questions completely

    The third point is; never answer any question completely and leave others wanting for more. Give only part of the answer and make them work for the rest of it. Giving the complete answer will satiate the other person's curiosity and will not leave him wanting for more.

  • 4

    Leave events before they are over

    Break your own patterns and adopt a habit of leaving events before they are concluded. It is easy to create mystery by leaving the get-together or parties earlier than everyone else.

  • 5

    Smile for nothing

    When you smile without any reason, people around you will wonder what you are smiling at and it will in turn make you mysterious.

  • 6

    Play around with your eye contact

    Another method of being mysterious is an influential and confident eye contact which automatically creates an attractive effect. Do not stare but look at others directly in their eyes when talking to them with an acute or stress-free gaze.

  • 7

    Be very confident

    The rule of thumb for being mysterious is to keep others guessing. Have ample self-confidence and show you know everything there is to know, no matter what. So, keep your chin in vertical position, your chest out and for all time, speak with authority.

  • 8

    Dress mysteriously

    Dress is another important aspect of a mysterious look. Your attire is a non-traditional style that right away gives you some credit towards being mysterious. For example, if people in your social circle wear jeans and t-shirts, find boot cut or flare jeans, long tops, vintage suit, dangly earrings, long skirts, jacket with lots of pockets, and little tennies or flats etc and enjoy your mystery level rise. But ensure you don't stand out of the crowd too much.

  • 9

    Disagree with yourself

    In case if someone tries to judge your personality and ask you a question regarding yourself, then give them an answer that you want to. Now, when you get the same question from another person, try to give a completely different answer this time. Here comes the point of curiosity, when both people match both of your answers and find them totally opposite to each other.  This is how you will become a mystery for them. But make sure you don't lie and break people's trust in you.

  • 10

    Learn lots of facts that are difficult to understand

    Last but not the least; learn lots of facts that are difficult to understand. This simple tactic is very important for mysteriousness.

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