How To Apologize to Your Girlfriend

Even though you love your girlfriend a lot, there are times when you end up doing or saying something that hurts her badly. If you really value your love for her, then you should not waste any time to make amends for whatever mistake you made. Start off by apologizing to her. While this sounds extremely simple, it is not.

Approaching your girlfriend while she is mad at you and saying the right words under the circumstances can seem to be really tough. However, if you are really determined to earn her forgiveness and get things back to normal, then make sure that you apologize to her in the most effective manner.


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    When you apologize to your girlfriend, let her know that you truly mean through your actions. An opportunity to show repentance may keep you waiting for a while, but be sure to remain on a look-out for it so that you do not end up missing is when it actually does arrive.

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    Buy something nice for her. Try to think of something that she has been craving for over the last few weeks or months. There is nothing like a good gift to let the other person know how special they are for you.

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    Send her an apologetic letter or e-mail. Make the letter or e-mail pretty emotional as girls have a big heart and easy succumb to their emotions.

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    Instead of giving your girlfriend a call and trying to explain yourself over the phone, talk to her face-to-face. Your expressions and body language during your conversation with her will play a crucial role in convincing her that you really do regret hurting her.

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    Seek help of your girlfriend’s friends. This can prove to be quite complicated as her friends are likely to be mad at you as well for hurting their friend. Talk to them calmly and make them understand how badly you crave the forgiveness of your significant other. Once they are convinced, their support is sure to come in real handy.

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    Try to avoid apologizing publically to your girlfriend as this can prove to be really awkward for her. She will not be able to react to your apology openly since there will be a lot of people around.

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    Send flowers to her house or workplace. It is best to go for flowers that are her favourite. However, if you are not sure about the flowers she loves, go for roses. Do not forget to insert a card saying sorry in the bouquet.

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