Top 10 Interesting Ways To Propose a Guy

Many argue about the existence of friendship between a man and a woman, mere mortals are forced to solve the problems of relations with the opposite sex. True friendship is always kept on mutual sympathy. From it emanates warmth, selfless generosity and sincerity, and it may at any moment turn into a great love.

However, it takes a lot of courage for a girl to propose a guy first keeping in mind that guys have been sending marriage proposals to the desired girls. But there are plenty of techniques women can try to propose a guy.


  • 1

    Dinner invitation:

    If a guy comes from out of town, let him relax and then ask him to come out for dinner. Set up a dinner table according to his taste.

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  • 2

    Bedroom proposal:

    Prepare the bedroom. You can decorate it with rose petals and scented candles. Of course, pick yourself perfect and exquisite lingerie.

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  • 3

    Go to a movie:

    If the relationship is not close enough to go to sex, you can let him see your childhood pictures. You can also offer him to go to a movie or to new music records at home.

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  • 4

    Sea shore:

    Take your guy to a sea shore and say it all.

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  • 5

    Walk around the city:

    A great option would be to walk around the city. If a guy has come for the first time, you can show him your favourite sights and places to eat and shopping.

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  • 6

    Ask the guy to dance:

    Sometimes this technique does work because guys like to girls who know how to dance and shake their body.

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  • 7

    Ask him to take you to long drive:

    Guys like driving with girls. Keep an eye on a suitable place and ask the guy to stop the car. Hold his hand and propose.

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  • 8

    Telephonic proposal:

    Girls can call their loved ones in order to escape any embarrassment while proposing one-on-one.

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  • 9

    Email proposal:

    Though this is not a best way to propose a guy but shy girls can always use this technique and can write whatever they want.

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  • 10

    Buy a gift:

    You can buy a shirt, a tie or a perfume for a guy in order to let him think that how much you like him.

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