How to Show a Girl You Care

Girls are very different from boys in a way that they want to feel loved and they want to feel that the guy they are with, really cares about them. And, if a girl is getting all the attention she requires from her guy, the relationship will always stay strong and there will never be any loyalty and trust related issues. However, some guys know matter how much they care about the girl they love, fail to express their feelings for a variety of reasons that lead to an unstable relation.


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    The best thing that you can do to make your girl realise that she means the world to you is by starting your day with her. If you live together, give her a wake up kiss and cuddle up to her before leaving the bed. If you are not living together, send her a message through which she realises that it is her that makes you start your day. You can even call her in a mystical voice and say something nice that puts a smile on her face.

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    Day to day routines are becoming tougher now so there are times when you are in a rush to be somewhere. However, that does not mean that you cannot say something to your girl before leaving. Leave a note by her side or by the table. Notes are timeless, romantic and perfect. You don’t need to have Valentine’s Day to be romantic. You can love all year round. The best thing is that you buy sticky notes from the nearby stationary and every day before you leave, make sure that you write something nice on those notes. It is especially important to use such notes if you are in a rush or might come home late. For instance, if you know that you will be coming late write something like, “hey pumpkin, I’ll be running in a little late tonight but don’t worry, I’ll be back A.S.A.P to my Buddha’s call xoxoxo”.

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    Surprises keep the charm in a relationship. However, by surprises we don’t always mean something related to kinky ways of making love or scaring the hell out of her by doing some sort of practical joke. Call her up when she is least expecting you to and tell her that you have a surprise for her once you get together. This will arouse her curiosity and she will be waiting to find out what the call was all about. As soon as you meet her, make her close her eyes and give her something that you saw in a store. She will love you for that.

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