How to avoid falling in love

Sometimes it is not the best time to fall in love with someone. It can cause a distraction. During such times, it is best you avoid certain people who you believe will take you down. If you suspect that you might fall in love with a certain someone and want to avoid him/her, these are the steps which can help you through it.


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    Always keep your mind open. This is extremely necessary. Your mind will always tell you what the right choice is. Once you believe you are on the correct path, simply follow it, stick to it and try not to deviate from it. You need to shut down your libido for a while and think from the gut in order to take this decision.

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    Once you have realized what the right decision is, notice why your heart tilts towards the other direction. You know why you don’t want to fall for a certain someone; your gut feeling tells you why. Mark all the flaws in him/her and you will have reasons to not fall in love.

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    Keep repeating the flaws whenever you think about him/her. This will make you understand why exactly the other person is not as charming as you thought. Think of the worst possible scenarios in which the other person would act differently.

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    Once you have thought about the worst scenarios, dwell into them and keep asking yourself whether this is the type of life you would want for yourself. For instance, if you are a woman, would you like to be with a man who hits women?

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    Once you know that the other person is not right for you, start avoiding them and do not dwell in any conversations.

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    Try to avoid sentimental music. It plays tricks on your mind. It will make you feel alone and that is the last thing you want to feel.

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    Always be honest with yourself. Go talk to a friend and do not talk about what is going on. Friends can act as a wonderful distraction in this case.

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    Try and understand the difference between love, lust, romance and relationship. There is a high possibility that the match you are trying to make is not exactly the type you want. Just move on and know that you will fall in love with the right person whenever the time is right.

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