How to Sue Someone for Slander

Slander is basically spoken defamation causing damages either to an individual or a group. This denouncement can not only destroy the reputation of the victim but it can also turn that person’s life into dust.

That is why almost every country has devised a legal procedure to bring the culprit to justice. If you feel that someone is giving false statements about you then suing that person for slander can provide you an opportunity to defend your honour.

However, this legal process has lot of complexities as you will have to cater to many things. Follow some simple tips to learn how to sue someone for slander.


  • 1

    Prepare yourself:

    Do not expect that the court will decide the case in your favour immediately after receiving your complaint. They will also give the other party an opportunity to defend themselves so this litigation can turn into an extensive and exhausting legal war. Make yourself mentally strong otherwise you will not be able to handle the pressure.

  • 2

    Look for the relevant law:

    Next, study the law and evaluate the merits of your case. In many countries, the law directs the plaintiff to provide evidence to prove the other party guilty. This becomes even more important in case of spoken defamation, slander.

  • 3

    Gather evidence:

    You will have to gather proof to support your argument. Remember, a judge will not decide the case just on speculation so you will have to come up with some solid proof. If you have some documented proof, then do not forget to make copies of these documents.

  • 4

    Find an attorney:

    The law gives you the ability to file a complaint yourself but you should consider hiring a lawyer for that purpose. Having a competent lawyer can ensure that no mistakes are made that can ruin your chances in court. You must be extra careful while hiring an attorney. Make sure that your lawyer has a valid experience of such cases and he/she can represent you efficiently in the court.

  • 5

    File your petition:

    After doing all the paperwork and preparing the file of blame and evidence, you should not waste even a single second and register your complaint. Give your lawyer all the directions but do not interfere if you are unfamiliar with the entire legal process.

  • 6

    Ask for the compensation:

    The basic purpose of suing someone for slander is to make the other party realise that you have been offended by this action. You must punish that person or organisation and ask for compensation.

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