How to Get with Random Girls in College

Most students often desire to get along with random girls in college. There can be multiple reasons for that as they might think of it as important to get famous, the like to hang out with random girls or they might wish to attract a particular girl through this. No matter what is the reason, if you want to get along random girls in college, note that it might not be that easy as there will be other guys in your college trying to achieve the same thing.


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    Attend a party

    The best way to get attach to a random girl is to attend as many college parties as possible. Remember that you cannot get involved with random girls while living in the isolation. For this, you must interact with as much people as possible and prove to them that you are an extrovert. This will ultimately help you get invitation of almost all the parties that your college fellows are going to arrange.

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    Know what is happening at the party

    You must not focus on a particular task at a party, instead you should have a pretty good idea of what is going at the party. For this, you must keep yourself updated on everything. You must know what are the party girls wearing and make sure that the host is serving alcohol as it increases the chances.

  • 3

    Introduce a social game

    You must find a place at the party where the people are playing a social game. If no game is being played at the party, you must introduce one as this will keep your chances of interaction. The game can of any type but try to play a team game.

  • 4

    Identify the girl

    After you have noticed all the things, you must identify the girl you want to get along with. For this, you can analyse the available girls according to your preferences and see which girl appears to be fulfilling the maximum criteria.

  • 5

    Introduce yourself to the chosen girl

    After you have chosen the girl, you must go to her and give a brief introduction of yourself. You should start by complimenting her beauty and her clothes and ask her questions to know about her.

  • 6

    Ask for the contact

    After you have some talk with her, you must obtain her phone number. After obtaining the phone number, start sending her funny texts to increase the interaction.

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