How to Handle a Hysterical Family Member

Hysteria is a human psychological disorder, which portrays uncontrollable emotional excesses. Basically, it arises from the intense anxiety and occurs in both males and females. However, this mental disorder is far more widespread in young women between fourteen and twenty five years of age. People suffering from hysteria over and over again lose self-control due to an overpowering fear that may be caused by numerous events in his or her previous life that drawn in some sort of stern divergence.

Puffiness of the jugular, bulky limbs, untamed painful cries, harsh cramps, aggressive movement, emotional unsteadiness, complexity in breathing, loss of consciousness, gritted teeth, voracious craving for compassion and love, suffocation, weakness of will power and the feeling of something stuck in the throat are some of the basic symptoms of Hysteria.

Hysterical family members are tough to handle, usually causing you to panic. However, you cannot treat them harshly as it can worsen the situation further. On the other hand, he or she is no one else but your family member and your loved one. What you have to do is, put yourself in his or her place and try to understand their condition. No doubt it is very tough situation to deal with a Hysterical family member, BUT, it is not difficult at all. Your attention, care and love will definitely make life easy for them. This simple guide of step by step contains all the simple, effective and best methods for you to handle a Hysterical Family Member:


  • 1

    Prepare yourself for any situation

    The very first thing you have to do is, understanding the situation and accepting the reality. Mentally prepare yourself that one of your loved ones is suffering from a serious mantel illness like Hysteria and you really have to help him or her out. You cannot leave them alone as they are your family. So, enhance your willpower and muster up courage to deal the situation efficiently. Nothing is impossible until you are determined to give it your best shot.

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    Give your Hysterical Family Member a Magical Hug

    Give your hysterical family member a Magical Hug, patting on the back or hand to hold to offer reassurance that you are there with him or her through the ups and downs of life. Magical hug doesn’t mean you have to do any magical spells but to show your sincere love and care towards the affected person.

  • 3

    Love is the best medicine against Hysterical Family Member

    It is a proven fact that love is the best medicine against any disease, including the Hysteria. No doubt, we can understand your situation that it is quiet difficult job to tackle a hysterical family member, but your ugly facial expression or hatred can worsen the condition of the affected person. Your love has the capability to speed up the healing process of your hysterical family member.

  • 4

    Use the language of adore

    Hysteric family members are the ones who with an insatiable craving for empathy and love. Though, it is hard to make them realize about right and wrong attitude but the language of love and adore is what they understand easily. Therefore, try to use a yielding, calming tone and continual words of soothe to help them in recovering from Hysteric.

  • 5

    Take utmost care of their diet

    Taking a wonderful care of the diet of Hysterical Family Member is another effective way to deal with this mental disorder. Make sure to feed them with some fruits for the three main meals and thereafter, follow an all-milk diet. Repeat it for one month and see proper difference in their attitude.

    Use of one teaspoon of honey per day is also effective in dealing Hysteria.

    Include asafetida in their daily diet. However, make sure to keep the quantity low, 0.5 to 1.0 grams per day would be enough. If the patient fiends it difficult to take asafetida, then you can ask them smell it on daily basis until you get the desired results.

    Moreover, the vegetable bottle gourd, vegetable bottle gourd, and the mixture of Lettuce Leaves juice and gooseberry juice are also useful in overcoming the Hysteria.

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    Say NO to Smoking and drinking

    Try your best to keep the Hysteria patient away from smoking and drinking as they could possibly cause him or herself further complications with these harmful activities. In case the affected person is already addicted to drinking and smoking, then the best thing you can do is “encourage them to cut down the consumption ratio.” Moreover, the intake of white sugar, tea, tobacco, coffee, and white flour should be avoided as much as possible.

  • 7

    Meditation works

    Meditation on daily basis can do wonders to calm the mind of the affected person. Many well-known psychiatrists and doctors also refer meditation as one of the best ways to handle Hysterical patients. It is a simple but very effectual practice in which a person coaches the mind or simply bring on a mode of realization to comprehend some benefits. You can ask your affected family member to calmly sit down to meditate for even 5 to 10 minutes per day and see the brilliant results.

  • 8

    Work on the appropriate sleep and regular exercise

    Work on the appropriate sleep and regular exercise of your hysterical family member. Take them for a morning or evening walk or jogging or suggest them to join a nearby gym. Do not compromise on the sleep of the patient. Simple exercise like plank, push-ups, running, jogging, jumping etc along with the outdoor games play vital role in taking the Hysteria patient’s mind away from self and induce joyfulness. Moreover, make sure to ask them to go to bed on time and not to wake up before sleep-session of seven to eight hours.

  • 9

    Yoga is useful

    Partial paralysis, limb cramp, and swelling of neck veins are one of the major symptoms of Hysteria, which can be handled with the help of regular yoga.

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