How to Breastfeed While Working

Breastfeed while working can be a difficult task but if you work full time, then there is nothing you can do except to learn the ways to multitask. This will not only allow you to manage things properly but will aid you in timely completion of your work and will keep the baby happy. Of course, no one can undermine the importance of breastfeeding your baby but you need to handle it with care during your working hours. No doubt, it can get a little hectic but you will get used to it after sometime.


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    Buy a reasonable breast pump

    Of course, it will be difficult for you to visit your house repeatedly for the purpose of breastfeeding your child. Thus, you must go to your nearest drug store and buy a reasonable breast pump for yourself. The breast pump will help you in providing milk for babysitter who takes care of your baby while you are away. You must keep in mind that it is on considerable importance that you must pump both of your breasts every time. In addition, this will also help you complete the task in an efficient and timely manner.

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    Pump breasts at least a week before resuming work

    A sudden shift can be difficult for you and your baby, thus it is strongly advised that you start pumping your breasts at least one week before resuming your work. This will not only assist you in getting used to the task but will make things relatively easier and smoother for your baby. Moreover, you will also be able to have ample supply of breast milk before joining your workplace again.

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    Tell your employer

    After you have resumed your work, you must share the problem with your employer and let him know that you will have to pump your breasts after equal intervals and of course, you will need a suitable area for that. Do not be worried, as the Fair Labor Act demands all employers to provide such services to their staff.

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    Store your milk

    You must not forget to store your milk in plastic bottles and mention the date on each bottle. This way you will know the details when a particular bottle was filled. After you have stored milk in the bottle, you must keep it in fridge or refrigerator. However, when you are at home, you have no need to express milk and you must feed the baby yourself.

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