How to Make a Relationship Scrapbook

A relationship scrapbook is made just like any other scrap book with the difference lying in the content. These scrapbooks are not just based on some selective memories of a particular place or your high school events, but rather on the moments that two people spent and cherished with each other in the past.

You can’t post all of the content in that, therefore, you’ll need to be selective regarding it. Here’s a list of the kind of things you should consider including in your relationship scrapbook.


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    Things Said & Done

    Often it’s the little things that matter the most, especially in case of a couple. Taking flowers for your partner on the way back home or a surprise date dinner seem to lasts longer in the memory as compared to other things. Moreover, the small things that are sometime said to each other can turn out to be quotes that people can refer to. Words of love and affection really mean a lot to partner and are like assurances which you give them every now and then.

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    The Element of Humour

    The customised jokes that you guys came up with in the past, can cause you to laugh or at least smile even when you are most distressed. Don’t forget to add these funny moments in your scrapbook no matter how embarrassing they might sound. It’s always good to have a bit of humor included among your memories.

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    Dates, Vacations & Memories

    A relationship scrapbook would be left incomplete if there are no mentions of memorable dates or relaxing vacations that you people went on to. These moments are what make the scrapbook special.

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    The Problems

    No relationship is deemed complete without problems. Every couple seems to go through rough patches no matter how well-developed understanding they seem to have. Surviving these problems helps in strengthening the bond, and that’s what makes this relationship even stronger. Once you look back at these things, you’ll realize that how silly it was of you to create an issue of that.

  • 5

    Major Life Changes

    This category includes all the major and important things that happened in your life. Although you might have mentioned most of the things or memories that would have taken place in your lifetime in the previous categories, this involves the most major and significant moments that happened.

    These might include the birth of your first child or you moving to a new house or city. Such things always tend to have a major impact on one’s life, and in your case the couple’s.

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