10 Toys Children Love to Play With

Toys mean world to kids. They are waiting for a break and play time with their toys. Everyone love playing with toys when they were kids and they can recall making world out of them. Nowadays toys are changed a lot especially cars have turned to automated ones. You cannot change anyone’s childhood days when they used to play with toy cars and kitchen sets.


  • 1

    Magic cube

    Magic cube or Rubik’s cube is a 3D combination puzzle. In this cube, all six sides of cubes are covered with differed coloured stickers. You are required to make one face of one colour. It is a popular toy which is designed for elder kids.

  • 2


    Many children mostly boys love playing with cars. When you give them a small toy car or a remote controlled toy car, you cannot imagine how much excited and happy they get. Their obsession increases when they get older as they get crazy about cars. It is one of the best choices of gifts for boys.

  • 3

    Barbie or dolls

    Dolls come into existence since 100 AD. With the advancement of technology, dolls can now even drink, talk and even have their hair makeover. Girls of all ages love them. It is also good example of female nature of motherhood.

  • 4

    Soft toys

    Soft toys or made up of fur and filled with cotton. You can even see a 20-year-old girl hugging her teddy bear. Even Mr. Bean always carries a teddy bear where he goes. Children especially small girls love soft toys.

  • 5


    Mechanics are toys which consist of screw, driver and other building parts. Children need to join these parts and make a machine or anything. This toy enhances engineering qualities of a kid.

  • 6


    Lightsaber are toys which children love to play. It is designed after influenced from Star Wars series. Some of these come with glow-in-dark characteristics.

  • 7

    Building blocks or Lego

    Building blocks or Lego are toys which when combine forms a different thing. Children combine blocks and construct houses, buildings and even ships or cars. This toy keeps children busy for some time and it also pacifies them.

  • 8

    Caricature of superheroes

    Children love playing with figures or caricatures of different super heroes like Avengers, X-Men, Spiderman and Superman etc. Kids love playing with them and imagining having powers, defeating bad guys and stuff.

  • 9


    Balloons are not exactly toys but children love to play with them. They fill water in it and blow on other kids, they chase balloons and even play keep it up.

  • 10

    Paper plane

    Kids love to make their own paper plane and play with it. It is a glider made of paper or paperboard.

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