Top 10 Reasons why Women are Better than Men

The male ego prevents him from acknowledging anyone as more superior than him. He generally believes that the world revolves around them. Little do they realise that God has made women superior to them in some aspects. Even though women are regarded as weak beings that need the protection of men, they possess certain characteristics that make them much better than men. These characteristics involve their ability to forgive, their ability to multitask, they ability to endure pain, their selflessness and more importantly, their beauty. A women’s superiority over man is not just limited to these characteristics though.


  • 1

    Women are much better than men when it comes to handling the stress of doing more than one work at the same time. While a man would normally begin to panic and end up making a mess of things, a woman holds her nerves and gracefully completes the different tasks properly.

  • 2

    This one hardly comes as a surprise. Men are generally rough, which consequently injects a bit of rudeness in their personality. Women, on the other hand, are generally polite, well-mannered and pleasant. They do not let go of their manners no matter where they are or what they are doing.

  • 3

    Women do not allow themselves to be easily distracted and remain focused on their job, which makes them better performers than men, who are always in a mood to take a break from work, studies, or anything else that requires a serious commitment and concentration.

  • 4

    While a lot of men would disagree with this, women are in actual better savers than men. While they do love to shop, they are always on a lookout for great deals and bargains, so that they save as much money as possible. Men, on the other hand, are more than willing to spend big money on gadgets and computers.

  • 5

    Women are able to plan much better than men, which is why the task of planning is normally left to a woman. They are really good at looking into the details of things and then arranging and scheduling things accordingly.

  • 6

    Men do not even come close to women when it comes to hygiene. While a quick shower is more than sufficient for most men, women wash themselves much more thoroughly and make a special effort to keep themselves clean throughout the day.

  • 7

    Men do not think as much about the food or quantity that they are consuming as women. Women are very particular about what they are eating, how much calories or sweets they are consuming and how that would affect their weight and figure.

  • 8

    Women are generally known to possess a big heart. When they are wronged, it does not take a great deal of convincing to earn their forgiveness. They are very emotional and may tend to overreact to things quickly, but their anger disappears just as quickly.

  • 9

    A woman is far more sacrificing than a man. She gives priority to the interests and needs of her family while putting her own personal desires aside.

  • 10

    There is no arguing over the fact that God has made women far more beautiful than men. The women themselves are aware of this fact and at times abuse it to take undue advantage.

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