How to Breastfeed Twins at the Same Time

Undoubtedly, breastfeeding is the most difficult task any mother faces after giving birth to a child. It takes a lot of time for a mother to be able to breastfeed her child properly and when it comes to breastfeeding twins, the task just becomes impossible. However, if you have twins then you are among the lucky ones and therefore, you must learn of ways to take care of your twins. Not to mention, one cannot escape the need to learn how to breastfeed twins at the same time.


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    Get family support

    There is a strong chance that you will know about your twins before giving birth to them, thus it is of utmost importance that you start getting family support in this regard. Handling an infant requires a lot of patience and determination and if you have to handle two kids at the same time, you cannot do this without the support of your family. It is necessary that you ask your family members to take charge of the household work, so you could concentrate more on your twins.

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    Increase your juice intake

    The next step you should be doing is to increase your juice intake. You must not forget that you are going to breastfeed two kids at a time, thus you must be able to do it properly. For this, you should improve your juice intake and other healthy materials to get stronger.

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    Breastfeed babies one by one and simultaneously

    You must try breastfeeding your babies one by one and simultaneously. It is necessary that you should try both of these ways to know about the pros and cons. You find it more convenient to breastfed babies one by one but it will consume more of your time thus you must focus on feeding both babies at the same time.

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    Try different positions

    In order to maximize your and babies’ comfort level, you must try different positions for breastfeeding your baby and choose what seems best to you. It is important that you switch sides with your babies and do not keep feeding your baby with the same breast. This will help your babies in improving their coordination and they will learn to feed at the same time in a relatively better manner.

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    Ask consultant

    If you have any queries, you must feel free to ask your consultant about the concerned matter.

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