Rotten Egg Smell No More! — How I Got Rid of the Sediment and Strong Oder in My Well Water

Got the funk? If your like me living in a rural area on well water, you may know what I am talking about! Our well water has been a nightmare for 15 years, the smell of rotten eggs, the black sludge that would come from our faucets was disgusting, looking in our toilet tanks you would find a black slimy residue and early in the morning when we all took showers, the house would have an extreme funk that no amount of candles or fresheners could hide.

In 1998 we thought we had found the gem of a home, a diamond in the rough, with a little elbow grease we could make this place work for our needs. We remodeled the entire home, and invited a popular water company in to fix our stinky water problem. We installed a Iron Curtain and water softener, which worked for a couple of years with only a few bad smells in the summer. I got very concerned as the water was getting worse and worse as the years went by, so we sent a water sample to the state to have it tested. The results came in a few weeks later and $80 later — we had natural organics? This stink was natural? I don’t think so!

In 2007 we fully remodeled the kitchen, all appliances and the entire living area to give a more open floor plan. The stink was beyond tolerable limits at this point, so we decided enough is enough with this water. If we are going to add all these nice appliances, we need to find a solution to our stinky water problem, so we contacted another local water expert. We got a new iron curtain, a new water softener, a big blue whole house filter, a little blue house filter, and to our drinking faucet we got a charcoal filter and a coconut filter. Life was good. The water was great as long as we changed the filters every 2-3 weeks, Our method: When the water stinks, replace the filters. The problem has always been there and the filters were costing a fortune, a repetitive nightmare with my wife nagging me constantly to change the filters.

This year we had a friend recommend we call Kinetico. At this point I considered myself an expert on water. You know that feeling you get when you have been doing something so long and it’s because you have researched and researched until you are at your wits end? Well, 15 years of water-well headache has finally come to an end, let me tell you I was very skeptical of water companies providing a solution as I have over $10,000 wrapped up in this stuff with no real solution. I was going get a guarantee this time.

I made my Kinetico rep write on our contract a guarantee of No Stinky or Dirty Water for 10 years, and she did not have a problem doing it, the customer service was great. We purchased a Kinetico Mach Filter 2100F Dual Tank Backwash OD Macrolite System with Hydrogen Peroxide injection, removed the filters, and within two days our water was crystal clear with no stink from our hot or cold water. It took two days to see results. Our toilet tanks, washing machine, ice maker were all cleaned up, the black stains in our dishwasher and washing machine are disappearing. I have not been this impressed since I have been living here. It was well worth the $3,600 to never have to change the filters again.

The best part of the whole deal was that all the product installed was made in Ohio. It’s nice to see something done right that is made in the USA. If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I will keep you updated with any changes.

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