Rotting Darkness

As the darkness enters through the minds eye
Images begin to form
Surrounded by the sudden urge to die
A chill runs the course of the spine
Till the hairs are standing tall upon the neck

A frost appears shrouding the walls
And the breath is seen dancing across the room
A tear falls and instantly freezes upon the cheek
Mortality wraps her sweet arms around
The forsaken body of the stricken

The stench of the rotting darkness
Intoxicates the reasonable will to live
Whispering voices fill the air
And the flesh begins to crawl
As the temperature takes a sudden turn

An orange brilliance suddenly sparks the room aglow
Flames encasing every turn
The flesh begins to melt like hot wax
Dripping from the human frame
Exposing the brittle structure of bones

Life is violently stripped away from the external
While the soul fights to stay alive
Only to suffer defeat at the hands of evil
Ripping it from the remains of the once vibrant being
And sucking it deep into the abyss of torment

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