Rugrats Go Wild Computer Game Review

In this computer game, based on a popular show by Nickelodeon, a storm hits while the Rugrats are at sea and they end up stranded on an island. On this very same island, they find the Thornberrys. Players help the Rugrats make their way through the island’s jungles, swamps, and caves to find Nigel. Their hope is that Nigel can help them find their parents. They run into a number of misadventures searching for Nigel. Along the way, they do find one of their parents, but the parent promptly falls asleep, and they continue their search for Nigel. Other Thornberrys make an appearance as well.

Rugrats Go Wild Computer Game: Review of Activities
The music in this computer game has a great jungle feel to it as the Rugrats search through mazes of jungle bushes and caves for camp items, keys, walkie talkie pieces and other stuff. As they search, they run into a few areas where they face off against monkeys and a leopard. There is a lot of searching in the game, but the monkeys, alligators and other fast paced game areas help break this up.

Rugrats Go Wild Computer Game: Review of Skills
The instructions in this computer game are easy to understand. However, not all the camp items are easy to get and players will need to use some problem solving. It will also be a test of players’ memory skills to get the bathysphere through the water.

Rugrats Go Wild Computer Game: Best Activities
In this computer game, kids will love the fast leopard chase. The Rugrats fly along in a baby carriage as the leopard roars close behind. Also of interest is the dark cave with its glow worms, bats, holes to fall through, and a spider. There is also a wonderful changing maze that’s fun to navigate.

Reason to Buy Rugrats Go Wild Computer Game:
Cute game with some fun activities.

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