Russian Bride

Russian women are looking to become brides by seeking husbands outside their own country for the simple reason that they cannot find a suitable husband in Russia. Demographically, more women live in Russia than men. Since the cultural formula for a successful Russian woman is “married with children,” Russian women are actually choosing between being married or staying single. Little Russian girls grow up believing that they should become brides and have children when they grow up into fine young women.

Looking outside of Russia, a necessity since there are more Russian women than men, is not limited to the United States. While many Russian women would prefer to live in the United States, others are willing to relocate to any country that can offer a suitable and willing husband. Russian women are simply looking for security and a happier life as a married woman. However, on the flip side of the coin, many American men are also looking for Russian brides. Many American men prefer the submissiveness that Russian women have been portrayed to have.

Since the dawn of feminism, American men and women have become competitors rather than partners. American women now vie for the same jobs, equal salaries, and yes, even the right to make family decisions that used to be left to the “official breadwinner.” Many American men still believe in the old fashioned ways of marriage, and this leads them to consider marriage with women from Russia.

Russian women, although similar in many respects to American women, have crucial personality tendencies that can make a great deal of difference in a successful, happy marriage. Russian women, generally, tend to have the patience of a saint. They will tolerate more things and for a longer time than American women.

Unlike American women, Russian women usually have lower self-esteem and therefore, will be dependent upon their husband. Russian women, rather than placing themselves first, will place the husband’s needs above the needs of others in the family, since he is the breadwinner and the patriarch of the family unit.

Russian women, who are considerate, patient, and loving, make very appealing catches as wives for American men. Many American men are looking for a wife who will cater to him. Men often spend their day in the hectic “rat race” of the work world. They want to come home to a wife whose goal in life is simply to be a good wife.

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