Saddam: The Face of Evil Entertaining, Informative

Sadam:The Face of Evil begins with an introduction depicting Hussein’s miserable life from early childhood in a shack in Tikrit to his many palaces in Baghdad during the prime of his life through 2003 when the Capital City fell during the invasion on the part of the United States-led allied forces.

It describes how he began a life of crime early in his adolescence through the time he was said to have killed millions of his own people throughout Iraq in 1988 and onward. Many counts of Saddam’s life is written in great detail, from his now-deceased sons to the poor relationship with his son-in-law.

Throughout the book, Cantrell and Vaughn exhaust accounts of running from other militaries, including that of the long, drawn-out war with neighboring Iran during the 1980s. Through the book, the reader has the opportunity, with an open mind, to in effect feel the sadness in the Middle East.

The fallen leaders’ political and military life is outlined in great detail.

The final chapter is used to begin discussion of the rebuilding of Iraq. It goes on to give a time line in the life of Saddam Hussein from is birth in 1937, culminating with the massive military campaign on the part of the United States and Great Britain. Full of information, the book continues with a time line that includes a brief history of Iraq from the earliest settlements there in 5000 BC to the coalition campaign of 2003.

Finally, the book closes with a time line to war, beginning September 12, 2002 to March 19, 2003, when President George W. Bush authorized war. AMI Books, Inc., published first printing in June 2003.

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