Safe Cars for Teens

According to Consumer Reports and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, you should keep these tips in mind when shopping for cars for your teen driver. Safety is a number-one priority for most parents when shopping for a new vehicle for their teen driver.

*Avoid large pickup trucks and sport-utility vehicles.
These are prone to rollovers and may be overwhelming for young drivers.

*Limit your search by looking for cars with a four-or-five star rating.
These vehicles have been tested for safety, defects, and recalls. Check out for detailed information on your particular model of choice.

*Splurge on the newest safety equipment when shopping for your new vehicle.
Get antilock brakes, front and side air bags, and stability control. These safety features are worth the extra money for our young, inexperienced teen drivers.

*Consider purchasing one of these recommended models:
Ford Focus (2002 or later, no two-door models)
Honda Accord EX (four-cylinder, 1998 or later)
Honda Civic EX
Mazda Protege EX (1999-2003)
Nissan Altima 2.5 S (four-cylinder, 2003 or later)
Toyota Camry LE (four-cylinder)
Toyota Camry XLE (V6)
Toyota Corolla LE (1999 or later)
Toyota RAV4 (2001 or later)
Volkswagen Passat (four-cylinder) (2000)
Subaru Forester 2.5X

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