East Park Autos is the Place to Visit for an Affordable Used Vehicle!

Finding a good used car dealer in Mansfield, Ohio can be difficult. That’s not to say there aren’t very many used car lots in this town. You can find one on practically every corner. But if you take a little drive, about a quarter of a mile east from the town square on Park Avenue, you’ll find a small car lot named “East Park Autos.” This car lot is relatively new; they’re working on their second year in business. But don’t let that keep you from visiting them. They know what they’re doing! They specialize in “Customer Service” and “Value” for your money.

East Park Autos is a used car dealer in Mansfield, Ohio, which is owned and operated by a businessman named Kevin Hamel. Hamel runs a brisk business, and he always has about a half dozen good used cars, trucks, vans, or SUV’s on his small lot. Since he buys, sells, and gets trade ins, the vehicles can range in years from 1990 on up. Granted, an inventory of a half dozen vehicles isn’t much to choose from. But, his business is “on the move”, so his vehicle line up changes frequently. If you happen to drive by and see a vehicle you like, you had better stop right in and talk to Kevin about it! Because, if you wait until the next day, it might very well be SOLD! Another aspect of customer service this car lot offers is, that if you have a specific vehicle in mind, Kevin will make an effort to obtain just the model and year that you want. (He recently found me a 2003 Ford Taurus.)

Personally, I’ve purchased two cars in the past year from East Park Autos, and both experiences couldn’t have been any better! Kevin offers a 30 day/1,000 mile whichever-comes-first warranty on all of his vehicles at his Mansfield, Ohio used car lot. He accepts some vehicle trade ins, plus, he will also possibly sell your vehicle outright for you by placing it on his used car lot. One of the first things you’ll notice when you look across his inventory is that his cars, trucks, vans, and SUV’s are clean and they look sharp. That tells his prospective customers that Kevin has a keen eye for the best of the best when it comes to used cars and trucks.

And I can say from experience that I saved literally thousands of dollars by buying from East Park Autos instead of buying from a larger used car lot in Mansfield, Ohio. You know the feeling you can get when you usually walk onto a car lot and actually get “Sticker Shock”? That’s not the case here. Kevin’s prices can be clearly seen on the windshields of all of his inventory of used vehicles. They’re right in line too. Kevin doesn’t tack a high mark up on the vehicles on his used car lot in Mansfield.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable used car, take a drive over to East Park Autos. It’s located at 201 Park Avenue in Mansfield. Kevin and his staff are in and out during the day, but you can phone them at 419-756-5500 to make sure someone is there. And, if you work daytime hours, and you can’t make it out to see them during regular business hours, Kevin will be more than happy to meet you during the evening hours.

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