Safe Winter Driving Tips: Top 5 Accessories for Your Car

As temperatures begin to fall and snowstorms threaten, it is time to start the annual ritual of winterizing your car and preparing yourself for the upcoming cold months. These accessories will help you brave the cold and snow this winter whether you are commuting to work, heading to ski in the mountains, or driving to Grandma’s house for a holiday feast.

Tire Sock – A simple and lightweight alternative to tire chains, tire socks slip over your tires quickly and easily. Tire socks are great for residents of areas that see infrequent snow or black ice conditions and do not want to deal with the hassle of lugging around heavy tire chains in their trunk all winter.

Snow Brush with Foam Grip – This combination snow brush and ice scraper tool will allow you to remove accumulated snow and ice from your windshield, windows, roof, hood, and truck in a manner of minutes. Anyone who has had to scrape ice off their car every morning for more than a week can appreciate the appeal of a good snow brush and ice scraper.

Audiovox Long-Range Remote Start System – Don’t have a newer vehicle that was equipped with a remote start system? No worries. This aftermarket remote start system can be installed in your vehicle so that you can start your car before you even go outside in the morning. Imagine the great warm feeling you’ll have in your bones when you get in your car for the first time on those cold January mornings.

Blizzard Survival Kit – Always be prepared for winter weather conditions or winter traffic delay with this survival kit that includes a thermal blanket, emergency food bar, and hand and body warmers. The emergency whistle and light stick are great additions to the kit in case you need help to direct emergency workers to your location.

Battery Tender Junior 12V Battery Charger – Keep your car battery charged throughout the cold winter months with this great and compact battery tender. This unit is better than most as it includes a sensor to turn the tender off when your car’s battery is fully charged. This helps to avoid damaging overcharging of your battery.

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