The Many Wonders of WD-40

You’ve probably heard of this product. You probably even have at least one aerosol can of it in your house. But, do you know of its wondrous beginning? The “WD” in its name stands for “water displacement”, while the “40” stands for “fortieth attempt.” In 1953, three chemists were working in their lab at the San Diego Rocket Chemical Company one day. They needed a way to protect missile parts from rust and corrosion. They knew they needed to find a product that would “displace” or “remove” water. Therefore, they were trying to invent a formula that would do just that. On the fortieth try, the chemists finally came up with a chemical formula that would displace water from any surface it was sprayed on.

Since that day, the product named WD-40 has evolved into a household word. It’s well known as an effective lubricant for making creaky door hinges, stuck zippers, and hard-to-open windows move freely again. But, did you know that WD-40 has many other uses as well?

Here is a list of 25 unique ways that WD-40 can help you out around your house:

1. Crayon marks on the wall? Just spray some of this product on a soft, clean cloth and wipe the marks off easily.

2. Sticky residue left behind from transparent tape, duct tape, price stickers, or bandages? Simply use some WD-40 and a clean cloth to remove the glue. WD-40 is great for removing decals too!

3. From time to time, spray a liberal amount of WD-40 into padlocks, house locks, and the locks on your car doors. Not only will it help keep the locks operating smoothly, but it will also keep them from freezing in the winter time.

If your vehicle has an electric radio antenna, spraying its base will help to keep it moving freely in the icy weather too.

4. Spray a light coating of WD-40 on the blades of scissors. Not only will it lubricate the blades so they always cut smoothly, but it will also keep them free from rust and gunk.

5. Here’s another use for WD-40: do you have wind chimes hanging on the outside of your house? Spray the metal with WD-40 to keep them free from rust and corrosion!

6. Before you put your garden tools away, spray them off with a water hose. Then, spray them liberally with WD-40 to keep them rust free. This product will also help keep tools, such as trimming shears and hedge trimmers, working smoothly and properly.

7. For tough, stubborn laundry stains, such as ink, blood, grass, or lipstick,
spray a little WD-40 on the area. Let the chemical soak a few minutes, then wash as usual.

8. Did you just drive your car on a freshly tarred roadway? Use WD-40 and an old cloth to remove the black tar from the surface of your vehicle. Also, this product is great for taking off bugs, other road goo, and tree sap.

9. Here’s another use for WD-40 you probably never thought of: If you spray your snow shovel liberally with the product, snow and ice won’t stick to the metal surface. Plus, your snow shovel won’t rust from winter moisture and salt.

10. How many times have you found tangled necklaces and bracelets in your jewelry box? To free the chains, spray them with WD-40 and gently rub them free!

11. Are the rubber bumpers and the vinyl dashboards in your vehicles looking dull? Or, is the steering wheel sticky and dirty from use? Simply use WD-40 and a clean cloth to clean and brighten these surfaces in no time!

12. WD-40 is also a wonderful product for softening stiff leather. It also cleans and protects, as well! Use it on leather furniture, shoes, boots, baseball gloves, and more,to keep them soft and supple!

13. Black scuff marks come up off the tile floor easily when you use WD-40 and a clean, soft rag.

14. Keep your artificial house plants looking shiny and clean by periodically wiping the leaves with a rag that was lightly sprayed with WD-40.

15. Wicker chairs- especially ones that sit outside in the weather- tend to get dry and squeaky. Resolve this problem by spraying the creaky parts with this lubricating product.

16. Do you hear static everytime you adjust the knobs on your stereo? After you remove the knobs, a short squirt of WD-40 will quash the problem. Wipe off any residue and replace the knobs. Now, all you’ll hear is the crisp, clear sound of music.

17. Speaking of music- if you play a guitar or any other stringed instrument, you can keep the strings clean and lubricated by wiping them periodically with WD-40.

18. Anyone who has a closet full of hanging clothes knows it can be a hassle to move hangers back and forth to find the outfit you want. Make the chore easier by spraying a clean cloth with WD-40. Then, wipe the entire rod. The hangers will glide back and forth now!

19. Computers printers are useful devices, but one common problem they tend to have is clogged up nozzles. Save the expense of taking it to a repair shop by fixing it yourself! Simply use a clean cloth and some WD-40 to remove the ink and built up gunk, and your printer will be working like new again.

20. Have drinking glasses or flower vases that are stuck together? A little of this lubricating product will easily unstick them!

21. Are you getting ready to paint a door or a window? Lightly coat any doorknobs or other parts you don’t want painted with a thin coat of WD-40. It will effectively keep the paint from sticking.

22. You can keep weeds from growing in between the cracks of your concrete driveway and sidewalks by spraying the areas with WD-40 every month or so. Don’t worry, the lubricant won’t harm the concrete.

23. If you live in a northern area of the United States, it’s likely you put snow chains on your vehicles in the wintertime. Spraying the chains with a liberal amount of WD-40 before you put them on will not only make them easier to install, but it will also help to keep them rust free.

24. If you wipe the windshield wiper blades on your vehicle with a rag that was sprayed with WD-40, it will help to keep the rubber soft and supple. It will also help to keep the wiper blades from sticking to the glass during the winter months.

25. And, finally, are you looking for a secret edge in your bowling game? Wipe your bowling ball off with a clean cloth that was lightly sprayed with WD-40. The wondrous lubricant will make your bowling ball glide smoothly down the lanes!

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