Safety Tips when Using a Portable Generator

Should your power go out, a portable gas generator can be a blessing. If not handled properly however it might cost you your life. Within the past year there have been news reports of individuals, and in some cases entire families who died because they inhaled generator fumes. Following are safety tips from a national wire service article in the July 5th edition of The Roanoke Tribune. Following these guidelines that will help you maintain a generator properly. And keep you in the land of the living.

The first thing to do is read and follow carefully the manufacturer’s operating instructions. And remember that a generator emits carbon monoxide fumes. So never use a generator inside any enclosed area. This includes your home, basement, crawl space or a garage. Carbon Monoxide fumes have no odor.

Operate your generator outdoors in a wide open space.Far away from windows, doors or air vents in your home. Make sure you have a battery powered Carbon Monoxide detector in the area where you will use the generator.

Gasoline and it’s vapors are flammable So please allow the generator to cool down for several minutes before you refuel. Also make sure not to use the generator near any combustible materials And remember Generators produce power voltage. Keep the generator protected from rain and snow. And do not operate it in a wet area.

If you must use an extension cord please make sure to use one that is compatible with your Generator, And that it is grounded. Keep the extension cord flat. A coiled cord may overheat. And do not ever plug your generator directly into your home outlet.

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