Saline Implants’ Risks, Benefits Essential Info for Health Literate Women

Small, poorly formed or excised breasts may cause avoidable trauma in large numbers of suffering women. A saline implant may offer most valuable benefits for women who opt for enhancement. Surgery to remove a tumor is a common reason for a woman to lose a major part if not all of one of her breasts. Others may have body frames and genes that endow them with less mass than they would like. It is unfortunate that breast enlargement is frowned upon or even derided in some circles, because every woman should be free to decide on such matters on their own.

Saline implants score over ones made of silicone as a leakage or a rupture does not have as serious effects. The saline used in an implant is sterile and so it will not matter if some of it should accidentally seep in to the body cavity. These devices should be regarded as ingenious ways to help a woman reconstruct an important part of her body. The cosmetic effect of a skilled surgeon may be both dramatic and endearing. The chances of an improvement in the quality of life are high and many women have had successful saline implants and lived happily with them for decades.


It would be futile to make light or to ignore the potential downsides of saline implants. It serves the interests of women everywhere to make the downsides transparent and crystal clear. Women should be trusted to take decisions that are optimal is their best interests and to respect their right of choice no matter what it may be. What are the key aspects of a saline implant that a woman should carefully weigh before she decides on whether to change the appearance of her chest?

1. A saline implant interferes with breast feeding capacity. This is not a consideration when the breast has been excised to remove a tumor or for a woman who plans no future offspring. However it is an important matter for a young lady who just wants larger breasts, to weigh with care. An implant will leave significant scars, both on the surface and inside, if removed at any point after insertion.

2. The implant may not retain its integrity of shape or feel comfortable. You may require repeat surgeries to replace or to adjust a damaged implant. Such intervention carries low risk but can be an inconvenience in some cases. A majority of women find that the implant fits well and stays in shape and place for decades. You are unlikely to experience the need for repeated visits to the operation theater, but must be prepared for a rare eventuality.

3. Mammograms will cost more and will need to be done by technicians with special experience of imaging breasts with saline implants. The normal test will not work for a lady with an implant. Insurance may not pay the premium for the special test. Most women need a mammogram once every year or two, so they may decide that the cost is worth their while. Mammograms are used for preventive detection of breast cancer.

4. An implant may cause nerves to shift and result in a change of sensation or some discomfort. These matters are transient in the majority of cases and most women feel normal and well in course of time. A few cases will need repeat surgery or even implant removal if discomfort persists. Since an implant is a foreign body, it will take some time for the body to accept it and for a woman to feel fully well with it.

5. Breast implants make permanent physical changes. Your chest could appear wrinkled and scarred if you decide that you do not like the enhanced look and want the implants removed. You could ask a surgeon for some before and after graphics and depiction to be sure that you would really like the new look.


There are women who would like to live with their normal breasts even if they are on the small size. There would be others who are content to live without a breast that may have been removed because it had a malignant growth. Such choices must be respected and the women allowed staying as they are.

There would be others who have understood the risks and costs and who conclude that they would like to opt for a saline implant. Their choice should be respected as well and it should be possible for them to enjoy the look they desire.

Information should be free and comprehensive and every woman should find it easy to collect all the relevant facts and then make up their minds. Saline implants would provide good value to women who do not plan to breast feed and who can afford the costs of special mammograms and repeat surgery when needed.

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