How Men Can Cope when Their Wife Has a Miscarriage

Most women hope for a normal pregnancy with no complications. But on some occasions the loss of a baby does occur. A miscarriage is becoming more and more common nowadays. They also usually occur very early in the pregnancy. But how do you and your husband cope with the loss of your baby. Many women become very emotionally attached when they first find out that they are pregnant. But what people faile to realize is that men also become very attached to the unborn child. The loss of a baby can bring about intense sadness and in some cases shock. There are a lot of emotions that are involved in this type of grieving process. Remember that each person is different and will grieve in their own way. According to many doctors the grieving process can take several years to overcome. The first thing that occurs when a person first finds out that they have miscarried is usually shock. They have a very hard time accepting that this is happening to them.

Next will be anger or rage, which the person may take out on the doctor, or even on their spouse. If the anger is directed at your spouse than it will definitely be difficult to comfort each other. This is when it is very important to have a large support system. Other family members will be able to help and comfort you through this grieving process. In some states they even have help groups for couples who have experienced a loss through a miscarriage. Not only will it help you to get through this very difficult process, but it will help keep your relationship from being destroyed.

You may also begin to experience some health problems because of grieving. It is perfectly normal for you to begin to experience aches and pains in your breast and arms. In addition to the following; chest pain, heart flutters, headaches, trouble sleeping, nightmares, loss of appetitive, fatigue, and even memory loss. You first thought may be to ignore your health, but you need to keep in mind that your body will still need to heal. This is especially important if you want to try and have more children in the future. Throughout this entire grieving process your spouse will probably not respond to the loss in the same way that you do. They may not be ready to talk about things yet. So make sure that you do not push them too much. Try your best to respond to each other’s needs. In some cases parents want to hold a memorial service for the baby. Many doctors feel that this is a good idea even for men. In some cases of miscarriages if you are past the four month mark, you will be able to see and hold your baby. Even though you may not want to at first it may be a good idea to hold the baby and say good bye. This provides closure for many parents. The bottom line is your support system. They are the ones that will help you get through this process. And even though you may not want to even think about having another baby you do not want to be totally closed to the idea. For additional resources you can visit the following websites:,,,

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