Samsung YP-T8X 512MB Portable Media Player

The Samsung YP-T8X 512MB Portable Media Player is not just an iPod MP3 player ripoff. It plays videos, has an FM tuner, holds images, is a voice recorder, and can also be used for data storage. Although the half-gigabyte might seem like something to sneeze at, many users have reported being able to hold feature length movies as long as Harry Potter and still have room left for music. I wouldn’t recommend downloading any of the Lord of the Rings movies, however; I don’t think any personal video device has enough storage to hold that twenty-hour snoozefest. Oh wait, it only SEEMS like twenty hours. I keep forgetting.

I got my Samsung YP-T8X 512MB Portable Media Player for just over a hundred dollars. (I used part of my Associated Content clout index bonus; just another reason for potential readers to consider submitting to Associated Content. Much to my surprise, I got it on Monday after ordering it on Friday. I was downloading songs and videos within minutes. The Samsung YP-T8X 512MB Portable Media Player comes with a CD that contains a Media Studio and a Multimedia Studio that you hook up to a USB port. Converting a video so that it can be saved and used on the Samsung video player is incredibly easy. Just like downloading music, it’s nothing more than click and drop. I’ve uploaded MPG and AVI files so far. Ah, I tells ya, nothing beats waiting in line while watching an episode of The Simpsons!

The Samsung YP-T8X 512MB Portable Media Player is advertised as being capable of holding 120 songs or up to six hours of video. Frankly, I haven’t had it long enough to determine the veracity of these claims, but as of right now I do have two commercial-free episodes of The Simpsons and over 50 songs. Of course, I might also add that the length of these songs range from forty-five seconds to over seven minutes, so when they claim that it can hold 120 songs, it all depends on the length of the songs. My favorite band, New Order, is notorious for having long songs-my favorite song of all time Blue Monday runs over seven minutes-so I’m rather skeptical that I could actually fit 120 New Order songs on this thing, but I’ll let you know down on the message section if I ever find out.

Samsung YP-T8X 512MB Portable Media Player comes with a voice recorder and it’s one of the primary reasons I got it. I’m forever coming up with ideas for future articles to write about and then forgetting them, so hopefully this will help me out on that front. The clarity of the voice recording I’ve attempted thus far is spectacular. And on that front, I must also add that the audio quality on the songs and videos is simply amazing. I’m not exactly an expert on MP3 players myself, but from the reviews I read before deciding on this portable media player, there seems to be a general consensus that it is far superior to the iPod. In fact, most of the reviews considered the Samsung YP-T8X 512MB Portable Media Player to be the best on the market. The only complaints revolved around the size of it, but since Samsung also makes one with a bigger drive, that shouldn’t be a problem.

The video quality is fantastic and even though the screen is small, the detail is phenomenal. We recently went to Disney World and I only wish I’d had this thing while waiting in line at The Living Seas. Believe me, next time we go on vacation where there will be lines, I’ll be packing my Samsung YP-T8X 512MB Portable Media Player with Simpsons, Hey Arnold and Count Duckula episodes to keep both my kids and me entertained.

Toss in a good FM tuner for those people who are lucky enough to live in a town with a good FM radio station and you simply can’t go wrong. Obviously, if you’re one of those people who want to carry around thousands of songs with you, the Samsung YP-T8X 512MB Portable Media Player isn’t going to do the trick; you’ll just have to shell out the hundreds and hundreds of dollars for a big multi-gigabyte device. But if you’re the type who just wants to have your most listened-to songs, along with a few hours of video, then this one can’t be beat.

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