San Diego Local Band Profile: Danielle O’Presti and the Masses

If you haven’t heard this San Diego Local Independent band play then you missed out. Danielle O’Presti and the Masses have a unique, power, meaningful sound and captures audiences of all ages. Danielle’s lyrics are inspiring, involving, and performs activism within her songs. Although the band’s home is San Diego they tour all around southern California including places like Los Angeles, Long Beach, and other locations.

Danielle and the Masses perform at festivals, concerts, local events, fundraisers, restaurants, and other different venues. This band is also co-producers of San Diego’s Indie Music Festival that is an annual event.

This band is very passionate in supporting different causes. One of the causes they take part in includes events like the San Diego’s Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Festival. By participating in these big events and performing in the Indie events they have created a big fan list. It is no surprise that Danielle’s music is inspiring and creative. Some of her top songs include 22 Mountains, Dear Mr. Penis Head, and many more.

Seeing this band’s performance is not only a concert but more similar to an art performance. Danielle puts in so many emotions and passion during each song. The whole band gets involved with the performance so that the stage is full of expression. Along with Danielle and the band members there are also dancers performing with the music.

Some of the future events this band is going to be performing at are Humphreys in San Diego, Dipizza’s in Long Beach, and other events. If you would like this band to perform at your venue or next event then all you have to do is contact them. For more information about contacting this band you can go to there website at

If you are interested in hearing some of Danielle’s songs you can either purchase their CD’s on the website as well or you can hear a few of her songs on myspace music page. For the band just type in DLPM in the search bar.

Sometimes Danielle and the Masses have other popular San Diego Indie musicians perform with them. One of these performers include music artist Alicia Champion. Alicia has also performed in San Diego Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Pride Festival as well as the Vagina Festival. When she plays her guitar it catches the attention of everyone listening. Alicia also is one of the major artists that perform in San Diego’s Indie Music Festival. If you want to know more about this artist you can also go to Danielle and the Masses website, or if you want to hear some of her songs you can also do a search on myspace music page as well.

These Indie Artists are very unique in their sounds. If you ever want to hear them perform you can see them in San Diego or look up their next upcoming performances. Popular artists are always good, but if you want to hear something different and see a outstanding performance then indie music artists are also wonderful.

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