Save Gasoline and Heating Costs with Hawk 10

Lets Save Gasoline and Heating with the Hawk 10

Today I want to thank Steven Mottor for his excellent article on the Hawk 10. If you have not read it, you should. He is the one that brought this to my attention. His address is: Please read it and comment!

This appears to be the answer to our energy crisis. Please read his article as it is ever so important, however I will try to add something to it although he seems to be more adept at this then I will ever be.

We have tone of plastic we use every day and this great machine will take that refuse and turn it back into gas and oil. They do this by using some 1200 different frequencies of microwaves. The Hawk 10 by Global research could solve our landfill problem and help us to keep the oceans from being polluted by plastic scrap.

The way it works is they break down the hydrocarbons in plastic and rubber which acts on these substances. Using these microwaves it turns the products back into combustible gas and diesel oil. The Hawk 10 is only about the size of a concrete mixer and smaller version are available that are no larger than an industrial microwave. We could have this in use in a few months if we could get the support of congress on this.

Why is our government not looking into this technology, instead of raising the price of gasoline? That is the question. We all need to write our congressmen and woman to ask them this question. It is time they woke up to the fact that high gasoline prices are killing the middle and poorer class people. Some of us can not survive in the West without our trucks and automobiles.

Or could it be the automobile manufactures are trying to keep this a secret? If that is true, lets all work to get this machine on our side and the news out to the public. Between it and the production of gasoline now possible through the use of grasses, corn, and other materials, we should not be paying these high prices for something we really need so much.

The car manufactures help get rid of the trolley cars that were cheaper to run and easier on the people with middle and low incomes. Mass transportation is making somewhat of a comeback, but for those in the West it is hardly any help at all. We need this new technology and we need it now.

The oil companies have enough of our money already and it is breaking the backs of lots of folks. Please read the article I suggested and then let those in charge of our government know we will not sit on our hands while they gouge the public

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