A Clean House at a Fraction of the Cost

Cleaning is such a mess for me. Every time I do some dusting and sweeping, I would sneeze and sneeze. Even if I cover my nose with a face mask, I would continue to sneeze and my eyes would water. Sometimes, my snot would drip along with my sweat as I clean. Eeeewww!!! Then I would be sick the whole day.

But I have no choice, otherwise, my house would look like a haunted one, adorned with thick layers of cob webs and dust. I seldom use the vacuum cleaner because it uses up a lot of energy. My mom says that whenever I turn on the vacuum cleaner, she can literally see the electric meter spin like crazy. This is the reason why I will just endure the sneezing to get the cleaning done instead of paying for additional electric consumption. I sometimes think, “why on earth did we buy the vacuum cleaner anyway?”

But Dirt Devil has come up with a better alternative with their new AccuCharge Stick Vac and Hand Vac. This equipment is powerful enough to take care of our cleaning chores but don’t use that much energy. In fact it uses 70% less energy than conventional cleaners. Because of its efficiency, it is the first cordless vacuum to earn the Energy Star approval.

And at 70% savings, wow that is really big. Now, I won’t have to scrimp on using the vacuum cleaner. I can clean my home and yet still save some big bucks.

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