Saving Money in a Spend Happy World

In today’s economy it can be hard for the average American working class family to save money. Our current culture is a culture of spending and debt. But, with the current trends is it possible to cut costs and save money for the future while still being able to buy the things we enjoy? Yes, it is! Read on to find some of the best money saving tips to help you pocket a bit more money while still enjoying the fruits of your labor!

Electrical Costs
Cut electrical costs by simply turning off the lights in rooms when you leave. Open windows and blinds and utilize natural light sources. You can also unplug appliances that are not in use. While this may only initially save you a few pennies a week, it can really add up! Unplugging computers, televisions, and digital devices such as ipads and even charge cords can be the big money savers in your home. Especially make sure everything is off, unplugged, and all lights are turned off when you go on vacation!

Water Bill
There are simple ways to save money on your water bill every month. Make sure first, that there are no leaks in your pipes and that all faucets are sufficiently turned off to prevent dripping water that can really add up in dollars. Getting your pipes fixed and making sure they are in tip top condition will help you save money in the short run and ensure you don’t run into major problems down the road such as bursting pipes or damaged wood. Another way you can save on your water bill is to wash your dishes by hand. Dishwashers waste a lot of extra water and also heats the water to a higher temperature causing a higher electric bill, so in this way you experience dual savings. Taking shorter showers and not using really hot water is also another quick and easy way to save money.

Entertainment Money

Entertainment can be expensive these days. Cancel your satellite TV and cable and opt to watch television online or get a Netflix or Hulu subscription which are only about $7.99 a month. Attend the movies during the afternoon matinees and skip the concessions as they are not only bad for your wallet but also your health! So often we think that entertaining ourselves takes a great deal of money, but it doesn’t have to! Think and plan ahead for family trips. Go somewhere free like a park, or take a hike and pack a picnic lunch. Be creative and look for free or reduced price outlets for entertaining yourself and your family.

Grocery Bill
Save money on your grocery bill by making lists before you go out shopping. Make sure you get only what you need. Skip buying all the junk food and snacks and load up on things that keep you and your wallet feeling full! Resist the urge to eat out at a restaurant while on your weekly shopping trip. Instead, pack yourself a meal and a bottle of water you can refill at a water fountain. When buying your food, don’t feel like you have to shop name brand. Switching to generic brands can save you quite a bit of money. Be a smart shopper and compare prices and companies. If you can get it cheaper elsewhere, it could be worth your time.

Get out of Debt ASAP
Getting out of debt is a great way to start being able to accumulate a savings. Using some of the tips above will help you to save money in some small ways that will enable you to pay off debts that you have. Cut up credit cards and commit to not using them. Start a “get out of debt” plan and stick with it. Pay off your highest interest debt first and then snowball that money into paying off another debt. This method is highly successful.

6 Quick Tips For Life
1. Don’t be afraid to ask for a lower price. When shopping online at esty or ebay for example don’t be afraid to ask for a discount. This can work in stores as well, but less likely if the store is part of a chain and required to keep prices steady across the board. Remember though, don’t ask for too low a price as to insult the person, but be respectful. Most times, people are willing to work with you.
2. Buy used as much as possible. Thrift stores are great places to find cheap but nice housewares, clothes, and gifts for friends and family.
3. A penny saved is a penny earned is not just a cute saying, it can really work! Save all your change in a change dish or jar and roll the coins when you have enough. This can really add up and you will be surprised!
4. Do a spending fast for one week every month. Make a pact with a friend or family member to not spend any money for a whole week and stick to it. This can help you be creative and use up any extra food in your house that otherwise might go unnoticed in the back of your cupboard.
5. Sell anything you don’t need. So many of us have things laying around our homes we never use. Consider having a yard sale or selling on ebay. Put the money directly into your savings account!
6. Be happy! Money can’t buy happiness, not the kind that lasts. Saving money will help bring you a bit more financial security, but ultimately you need to find your passion for life and keep focused on your goals. Don’t lose sight and don’t give up!

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