Schick Quattro for Women Razor Review

The refillable Quattro is a step above the previously notorious three bladed razors, coming at you with four blades. This Schick razor is stylishly designed with the novice, and ladies that are always on the go, in mind.

The Schick Quattro has a spring loaded head that gently angles to smoothly follow the curves of a woman’s shape. The extra wide movement of the spring allows for transitional access to hard to trail spots like the ankles or knees.

Thin metal wires covers the sharp blades for a cut protection that transcends the skin. By restricting the amount of razor contact to the skin, the chances of having a nasty shaving cut is lowered immeasurably. This mobility and skin protection is emphasized by a moisturizer strip directly above the four razor blades.

The handle is made with gray plastic and a lavender, soft-feeling rubber laid in a graceful fashion. The handle is a non slip grip, and perfectly refined for any hand grip. A darker lavender colored button near the top releases the spent cartridge, although a quick glance could falsely see only another segment of the aesthetic intention.

The weight of the razor seems insignificant however, when placed in water the razor sinks like a heavy stone. This quality makes fishing through foamy water for a buoyant razor a thing of the past.

The Schick Quattro comes with a traveling case/spare blade cartridge holder combo. It is a gray plastic case that contains the razor. But when you flip over the case, a removable cartridge holder is laid inside.

A razor holder connected to a small suction cup also accompanies the razor set. The suction cup can adhere to most smooth surfaces, like a shower wall, tub side or mirror. And of course, it fills both the permanent and mobile needs of users.
On the down side, it is not the ideal shaver for women with strong or stubborn hair. The protective wires not only prevents cuts but a close shave. Extra tough hair can remain after shaving. The bikini area is the worse, sometimes requiring a backup razor in order to have a public conscious look.

It is necessary to shave daily with the Schick Quattro, in order to keep up with the new growth. This fact is the biggest drawback to this otherwise great shaving product. But to most girls this is probably the best hand razor on the market.

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