Scrapbooking Made Easy

Once you decide to create a scrapbook, one of the most important things to remember is the simple fact that the task becomes simpler as you progress. Break the project down into logical steps. Complete each step one section at a time. Follow the five listed steps to make the task easier and therefore, more enjoyable.

Coming Up With a Theme

When deciding a theme, follow a few simple steps to insure a successful project. If you answer the following questions, then you will have all the information you need to design, create, and complete a perfect scrapbook.

�¼Decide who is going to receive the scrapbook.

�¼Determine the length of time that you have available to complete the project. For example, if the scrapbook is a gift, when do you need it to be finished? Determining this point helps in selecting the topic.

Ã?¼Establish whether the scrapbook is going to take an in depth approach or an overview. For example, are you going to select a simple theme – a specific anniversary and detail it or are you going to take a broader topic- a child’s first five years and showcase the highlights.

�¼Make a decision as to the type of embellishments the scrapbook will have. Decide how involved your artwork is going to be.

�¼Finally, once you have all of the above figured out, pick a theme that suits the person who will be receiving the scrapbook, that fits the amount of time that you have available, and that has a broad enough range of events to fill the book in a colorful manner.

Assembling Supplies

Write a list of all of the items that you are planning to use for your project. Categorize your list to make the selection easier. Gather up any of the supplies that you might already have at home.

Plan a trip to a scrapbooking store. Allow yourself enough time to browse through the store. Keep your eye open for items that might add a colorful spark or interesting edge to your scrapbook.

Talk to the scrapbooking consultant, if one is available. Describe your ideas and solicit feedback. The scrapbooking consultant is sure to have useful tips and ideas for you, ranging from useful craft materials to creative methods of employing themes and supplies.

Creating a Workspace

Ideally, a secluded area away from the curious hands of onlookers is the best location. It is only natural for people to pick up and look at things or move them about. In order to keep your organization of your supplies and project at maximum performance, a quiet spot with little or no traffic is the optimal location.

Try and find an unused or rarely used table and set up there. A guest bedroom, or spare room, makes ideal sanctuaries for the scrapbook artist.

Finding the Time

Today’s hectic schedules generally preclude sitting down for hours at a time to create and design the perfect scrapbook. However, if you realize that your scrapbook needs more than a single day to be completed, you can plan appropriately. As long as you make a little progress every few days, the task will get done. Employ a few strategies to free up some additional time.

One thing that you can do to help free up some time is to find a workspace that allows you to place all of your supplies in an organized manner. Not having to search through piles of pictures, papers, and craft supplies will save valuable minutes. Remember, it only takes a minute or two to add something to a page that has already been started.

Additionally, if you can locate a workspace that permits you to leave all of your scrapbook supplies at the ready, you can again save valuable minutes. Imagine not having to unpack, sort, and reorganize the essential tools for your scrapbooking project.

Equally important is the idea that you should write down any clever ideas or possibilities for design that you have. It might be days before you return to your project, and hectic lives lead to forgetful minds. It is simply better to have your thoughts in black and white than somewhere in a bevy of thoughts jumbled in your mind.

Finishing the Project

Follow these steps and answer these questions to determine whether your scrapbook is now complete.

�¼ Once you believe that your project is completed, wait a day or two.

�¼ Peruse through the pages.

�¼ Look at them with a critical eye.

�¼ Does the message that you are trying to create come through clearly?

�¼ Can you add anything to create more clarity?

�¼ Does the book need anything to present a more colorful image?

If you have that satisfied feeling in the pit of your stomach once you have finished looking through the scrapbook, then it is perfect. You are finished and the book is ready for gift giving.

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