Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush Versus Clorox Toilet Wand

I live in a house with three bathrooms and four kids. We have three toilets that need to be cleaned daily and have tried both the Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh BrushâÂ?¢ Toilet Cleaning System and the Clorox Toilet Wands. Both have their good and bad points. They both do clean the toilets though. And that is the important part. But let’s see what they each have to offer.

Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh BrushâÂ?¢ Toilet Cleaning System is exactly what they say. The starter kit comes with a handle that you snap together and a little slide that opens and closes the jaw like end that holds the cleaning pad. In the starter for the Fresh BrushâÂ?¢ Toilet Cleaning System you only get two cleaning pads, but you can buy refills reasonably inexpensive. They are marketed as the only flushable toilet cleaner. That is definitely a plus. You don’t have to touch or store for that matter any germy cleaning equipment. You put the cleaning pad in the jaws and tighten it down. When you are done, you push the button, the pad drops into the toilet and you can just flush it. This is a definite plus.

The Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh BrushâÂ?¢ Toilet Cleaning System has a nice long handle, nineteen inches. It is curved to reach under the rim nicely. You can keep your distance from the toilet you are cleaning which is nice. Its cleaner is blue, so once you get the cleaning pad wet it turns the water in your toilet blue. I don’t know if that is helping to clean anything, but it is aesthetically pleasing. It does have a pleasing clean smell and cleans a toilet well.

Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush� Toilet Cleaning System has a few draw backs, in my opinion. Though I do like the connivance and the ability to flush the cleaning pad when finished, it is obviously made for just that. It is meant to break down in watery environment. If you do not clean your toilet on a daily basis and really need to scrub the toilet the cleaning pad begins to break down, and you may need to use more than one. If you are using more than one, or using a cleaning pad daily, it makes this option a little more costly.

The Clorox�® ToiletWandâ�¢ System starter kit comes with a handle and six disposable cleaning heads. The heads are round little disk that are spongy on one side and have hard plastic and a male connection on the other side. This connection snaps into the handle and releases with a button midway down on the handle. The cleaning pad has cleaner loaded in it. The Clorox�® ToiletWandâ�¢ System is pretty out of the box friendly and the refills come in either six or a new size of ten refill sponges. You do have to throw the sponge away after each use, but you use a clean one each time, so there is no need to store a germy one in your bathroom. It goes straight in the garbage.

The Clorox�® ToiletWandâ�¢ System cleans very well. It has a nice scrubbing side to it, and seemed to get rid of the ring around the toilet that develops quite easily. The handle is nicely curved and the Clorox�® ToiletWandâ�¢ System cleaning heads fit nicely under the rim to clean there with little to no effort. It has a nice clean aroma and it suds up quite well while cleaning.

The downside of the CloroxÃ?® ToiletWandâÂ?¢ System in my opinion is how it cleans way down into the toilet bowl itself. You know the part where it narrows and starts to curve back up. The sponge is not angled itself and the handle doesn’t quite bend that far. Otherwise it cleans very well.

Over all out of the two, Clorox�® ToiletWandâ�¢ System and the Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brushâ�¢ Toilet Cleaning System, I would have to say that the , Clorox�® ToiletWandâ�¢ System would be my choice. Over all it seems that the sponges have more cleaning umph than the flushable Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brushâ�¢ Toilet Cleaning System. Though both have their good points and bad points that is the one I would choice. Both are excellent products and should be judge for their qualities and personal likes and dislikes. Both products are comparable in price which makes it feasible for you to try them both and use the one that you like the best, or if all else fails go back to using the tradition toilet brush.

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