The Basics of Home Security Systems

All home security systems come with standard items, things that should be basic features no matter the model. Here are those basics of wireless home security systems:

Keypad and Control Panel – the keypad is there for you to arm and disarm your security system. It uses the control panel to do so, which is where the battery and the system wiring come into play.

Siren – There is a siren installed that will alert you if there is a break-in or if there hasn’t been the correct disarm code entered when a perimeter (such as a door) is opened.This security system is one of the best deterrents.

Magnetic Contacts – the reason that there is an alarm when a window or door is open is through these magnetic contacts. Whenever the circuit to these contacts is open the alarm will sound.

Motion Detectors – This has the ability to read a room and detect changes and movements, alerting you to things inside your property that shouldn’t be there.

Central Monitoring – There is always a 24 hour monitoring service that alerts emergency personnel when there is an alarm tripped at your place. These are usually police, medical personnel, and the fire department. They will also call you about the break in to let you know.

There can be other items that are included above and beyond the basics. Basics help keep you safe on a very small level, while these additions can help you insure a better level of quality security system. Some of these additional items can be:

Panic buttons – where you can sound an alarm on your own whenever you are in trouble.

Smoke detectors – so if there is a fire there is an even earlier warning to the danger.

Pressure mats – these are items placed under rugs that will trip an alarm whenever the pressure on the mat is varied, such as someone stepping on them.

TVs – having the property monitored through closed-circuit televisions can help you watch the property whenever you aren’t around.

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