For All Those Who Are Tired of Relying on Yahoo and Google

What’s your favorite search engine? Google? Yahoo? AskJeeves? Or is that just now? Have you ever heard of SciSeek? How about Or how about If you are tired of using the big guys all the time and coming up with ten pages of consumer sites that either charge you for information or are trying to sell you something before you get some really valuable information, you need to check out is a kind of gathering site for a wide variety of not only search engine links, but search information and tips. When you click on the search engine listings you are taken to a page which further breaks down the available search engines into larger categories like metacrawlers, shopping engines, news engines, specialty engines and even kids search engines. You can also find links to search engine toolbars and options for downloading. isn’t just useful for providing you with more search engine possibilities than Yahoo or Google, however. Even the narrowest of search engine topics can often result in dozens of hundreds of pages to look through, so it probably won’t be long before we start seeing schools offering classes on how to conduct web research. (Frankly, I think that class would be far more useful for most of us than calculus, but I’m a math moron so maybe I’m biased.) A good place to start doing research before college credit is awarded for search engine mastery, however, is right there at Click on the search engine submission tips and you will be taken to page that offers an enormous wealth on information not only how to make them work more efficiently for you, but also information on how search engines really work. If the words “spiders” and “crawlers” and “hybrids” and “bridges” in regard to doing internet research leave you dumbfounded, then I would highly recommend checking out this valuable information. And if you have a web site that you want to submit to a search engine you will also gain a measure of higher education by taking a few minutes to read over the articles available at

The simple fact is that contains so much terrific information and resources on the world of internet searches that this article would have to be a good ten pages at the very least to cover them all. Seriously, you could very easily spend a good portion of your day just conducting a very casual overview of the information provided. And if you do happen to find to be a haven of valuable resources, you also have the option of becoming a subscribing member. In all honesty, I cannot give you any more information on how valuable a membership would be than what is stated at the web site itself since I am not a member. I know the site promises access to articles not available for free as well as more information on how to best utilize search engines, but to be honest $99 for a one year membership seems a steep price to pay. Then again, if you own a business and are looking for every possible advantage on boosting your page rankings, I suppose that could turn out to be the biggest bargain on the web.

The choice is yours, but I do highly recommend checking out what’s available for free. Oh, and by the way, SciSeek is a search engine devoted to information linked to specific scientific interests ranging from aquaculture to time travel. is devoted to consumer generated media, buzz, and hype. And is go-to site for things related to art and museums.

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