Seattle’s Wallingford Center for Christmas Shopping

The Wallingford Center
Building located at the corner of 45th and Wallingford Avenue
Wallingford District, across from QFC
Seattle, WA, 98103

The Wallingford Center is a good place to do it all: you can buy something for your grandma, your parents, your niece, and your boss one of the many shops. It’s smaller than the mall, and the stores are definitely more unique – but it’ll save you driving time, and there’s plenty of parking. Around the holidays, the stores in the Wallingford Center always have great gift ideas, so make sure to check them out. These are few of the more popular stores in the Center (remember, there are 2 levels.) If you don’t find the perfect thing here, make sure to check out the surrounding Wallingford neighborhood, since there are plenty of cool little stores in the vicinity.

Zanadia Home Gifts & Furnishings ((206)547-0884) is a great place to get someone a Christmas gift for the home. If you have a boss or a family member that has excellent taste, you can feel confident that they’ll like something from here. Zanadia is very modern and carries high quality merchandise – it is a good combination, and you can find a gift that is both useful and personal.

Amita: the Art of Gifts ((206)547-4983 is a small store facing out onto 45th. It is amazing that such a tiny boutique can carry so much – and such beautiful things. You’ll amazing Christmas gifts here, especially for the ladies of the family: beautiful clothing, scarves, robes, and handbags, as well as amazing jewelry. They also have nice tea sets.

Yazdi (206)547-6008 & Yazdi II (206)633-0320- The original Yazdi and it’s sister store next door, which specializes in larger sizes, both sell amazing clothes that are perfect gifts for Christmas. They have items that you won’t find anywhere else, as well as some of the most beautiful fabric. You can find amazing shawls, jewelry, and dresses here as well (this is great place for a Christmas party dress.)

The Tin Horse- this cottage style children’s store is the perfect place for finding furnishings and decorations to make a child’s bedroom look cozy and traditional. You can also find some cool, classic toys – especially around Christmas. If you are shopping for an expectant parent, check out some of the adorable clothes or babies, and the super soft stuffed animals and crib blankets.

Trade Winds (206)675-0910- Trade Winds is a good place to pick up a gift that is a little more exotic. You’ll find the best incense collection in Seattle here, as well as ethnic clothing, and great beaded jewelry. Most of the items are imported, and you won’t see duplicates all over town.

Crackerjack Contemporary Crafts (206)547-4983- This is such a good place to buy gifts for people out of town. Everything is made by artisans, and you can find something for anybody: fun toys for the kids, art for adults, as well as handmade jewelry, clothes, and fun hats. Gifts from here go over big, because they are just so unique.

Second Story Bookstore (206)547-4605- Books should never be your last resort. A good book is always a stylish and perfect Christmas gift. This small bookstore has a huge selection, both for adults and kids. You can also buy great stationary, diaries, and beautiful cards here.

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