Second Hand Cat, a Children’s Book

It’s a common misconception that all blue-eyed, white cats are deaf. Though not true, hereditary deafness is a major concern for many domestic white cats, especially those with one or both irises that are blue in color. There is no cure for congenital deafness.

Cats that are deaf from birth can be great pets. I knew such a cat. His meows were a little too loud, but he could tell when someone called him, and where someone was stepping by the vibration of their steps. He just had to be an inside cat where he would be safe from dogs and cars and auditory cues he would never hear.

Phantom is such a cat. He’s all white with one blue eye and one yellow eye, and he is deaf. His life is the “inspurration” for Second Hand Cat, written by Vell Sweeny and illustrated by Elizabeth Mifflin Sweeny. This book is dedicated to all homeless cats everywhere and the people who help them.

Phantom was a shelter cat, but he was different than the other cats. He lived in silence. He saw other cats. They never stayed and he did. One day, Phantom saw he saw a note on his cage that terrified him. Was this his last chance to find a family?

This isn’t Old Yeller. There’s a happy ending: Phantom finds a loving home, and has a wonderful life, all because the Sweeny’s took a chance on a second hand cat. I loved this book, the illustrations, and the story. I’m quite familiar with it.

My wife and I have two and half rescue cats-Hobo, the bookstore cat; his ‘bff’ (best feline friend), Gypsy; and tiny little Velvet, the mighty huntress. We took a chance on a cat no one seemed to want. Next time you are considering a feline companion, hopefully, you will too.

Vell Sweeny and her daughter Elizabeth Mifflin Sweeny will be visiting From My Shelf Books & Gifts in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania November 30, 2013 for an author visit and signing. Come by and say hello, scratch Hobo’s ears, and take a chance on a Second Hand CatâÂ?¦

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