Securing Doors and Windows From Burglars

If you are someone that does not really pay very close attention to detail at times, or you are a person that is on the go, and don’t have a lot of time to look, you will need to stop and look at your house locks on your doors and windows. It’s hard to be kept up to date on everything that goes on around you, but being current with locking systems for your house, could save you a lot of heartache and headache too. Home burglaries are on the rise, and you will never know when someone will try to break into your house to steal, or worse, could end up hurting you or those that you love. Take some time to learn about some of the ways a burglar will break in, and what they consider faults for easy access. Consider investing in a home security system and maybe a panic room too, they are more useful than you might have imagined.

Burglars love easy and quick access from the outside to inside. You can think of your doors and windows that have easy access for burglars, as a hole that’s open, and a smaller hole that can be squeezed through easily. It is that simple to a burglar especially for homes that don’t have a second story, there is all kind of places to sneak through easily. Statistics show that burglars love homes that are low to the ground, and with faulty locks and windows. Most home burglars will not attempt to go to a second story window to break in, there is too much risk of being seen, and the possibility of falling and waking you, the home owner. They need a quick get away too, and a broken leg will not help them.

Here are a few tips that will let you know what the problems are that you will need to look for when evaluating your doors and windows. Take a close look; it might surprise you to find out how easy it is to enter your home.

• Window seals and casings that are rotten or loose from wear and age, are wonderful for a burglar to get through. Most can easily shake the window gently and even if it is locked, the lock will pop out or slip from the metal lock. Burglars that are real professionals can jimmy it open with a very small crowbar too. Windows that have loose window top frames can without proper adjustment fall, and let a burglar go in through the top after cutting the screen with a pocket knife.

• Door locks if they have not been changed for a few years, are certainly out of style as far as security goes. Cheap door locks that have been replaced are just as bad for you, and great for the burglar. One good shove and the lock sets that are installed on your doors will give way. There are standards on the market, but there are also companies that produce door lock sets that just barley meet those requirements too.

• Your material in your door affects your locks, as well as the style of door. Burglars love homes that do not have non safety glass in them. It is easy to break through, and often there is more than one pane of glass. If you live in an older home that was built from the 50s to the 60s, you will more than likely have a door that’s unsecured, even with the best locking system you can buy. It is a formula for just break the glass, and enters by turning the door knob.

• Materials that not only are on the door itself, but that surrounds your door can be vulnerable for a burglar to easily get through. Sidelights became very popular in the 70s, and many people just had them installed without a thought about home security. In fact, sidelights are a great way to protect your entry way. All the burglar does is break in from the side of the door and then reaches up and unlocks the mechanism letting themselves in.

For resources on new home locks and security information here are two sites that you will want to check out:

On both sites are product information and ordering, you can also find out some unique tips on how burglars break in; ideas that you might have not considered, such as the ease of key copying! My neighbor wished he had thought of this one, when his home was invaded!

For home security systems look at:

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