Self-Employment is a Viable Career Option

Self-employment is a rapidly growing area of the contingent workforce. As more people wise up and become highly skilled and educated, they are seeing more career opportunities to be on their own.

Ten years ago, if you were to ask a college student what they wanted to do when they completed their studies, they would say that they wanted to join a large Fortune 500 company. Nowadays, many college graduates are choosing to go with small businesses of less than 100 employees as well as remain self-employed. In fact, being self-employed is another rapidly growing area of the workforce. A number of factors account for the rise in self-employment are: the rise in the number of corporate accounting scandals, the growing concern about the depersonalization of customer service, and greater opportunities for individuals to use all of their skills that have a purpose in life.

Online consulting is a rapidly growing field with tens of thousands of experts of all kinds that sell their expertise. By becoming your own expert, you can sell your accumulated expertise in the form of articles and research papers and publish them yourself through your own website. For any college student who is looking to be self-employed instead of joining those large, greedy Fortune 500 corporations this is a alternative career option for you.

Start by searching the message boards that business people tend to frequent. Examples of useful message boards include, the Monster Message Board which is targets job seekers, and Ryze Business Networking. The people on these boards are discussing issues that they are currently facing in the business world. Search those topics and find the one that resonates with you, and convert it to a researchable problem. Make the business people that are experiencing this issue your audience for your article or paper and publish it yourself on your very own website. You then create your own career which is what being an American is all about.

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