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When you are getting ready to sell your house; you want to do everything you can to help it to sell and at your asking price. And since I have bought and sold a few homes I would like to share some tips that I have found very beneficial. Watching programs like Sell this House and Flip this House are great for getting ideas to increase your home’s selling power. I would like to focus on these four basic points: curb appeal, paint, up dates, and floors.

Curb appeal is what the prospective buyer first sees on the outside of your home. This often sets the tone for how your home will be perceived. If the lawn isn’t maintained and the front of your home looks gloomy; the buyer is likely to think that the rest of the home hasn’t been kept up either. Simple things such as regular mowing, watering the lawn, and planting cheerful flowers can really catch a potential buyer’s eye. If you have the budget hiring a professional landscaper can increase your home’s curb appeal.

Now let’s take a look the home’s paint inside and out. Fresh paint gives the home a clean crisp feel and is relatively inexpensive for the impact it can make. It is best to choose a neutral modern palette, no avocado greens. And don’t skimp on the coats most paint jobs need at least two coats of paint. If you only do a single coat the results will appear white washed and show that you were cutting corners. Now that you have painted, let’s up date your home.

The room in the house that’s the first to get out dated is the kitchen. We all remember the yellow ocher kitchen appliances of the 70’s. It may have been the latest thing then but now it just looks tacky. Today stainless steel appliances are the rage. They’re sharp and modern looking. Also installing granite counter tops can really up date your kitchen. The granite counter top is very functional, esthetically pleasing, and is a popular choice right now. Just by changing a few things can bring your kitchen into today’s world.

Now let’s take a look at the floors. Did you know that they are one of the first things a potential buyer looks at? They check for worn or stained carpet and scuffed flooring. If you can’t afford to replace the carpeting then definitely steam clean it. A buyer will put up with older clean carpet but not if it is stained. If your budget allows think about tile, laminate, or hardwood floors. Tile is very elegant in the kitchen or bath room replacing dreary old linoleum. Laminate flooring looks like hardwood and is very durable. While hardwood flooring is still the Cadillac of floors it just looks rich. Paying attention to your home’s flooring will pay off when it comes to selling your house.

So whether you have a big budget or a small one a little effort can increase your home’s value. By focusing on these four points of curb appeal, paint, up dates, and flooring you can get the most out of selling your house. And good luck in your home selling endeavors.

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