Seven Cheap and Easy Ways to Winterize Your House

Like it or not, winter is coming fast. Luckily, there are methods to protect your home from the ravages of the season without needing much in the way of expertise, finances, or having to hire professionals. These simple tips will have you saving money and feeling warmer this winter.

Clean Your Gutters

Gutter build up left to stay over the winter causes big problems. Leafs, dirt, and other muck will sponge up water, freeze, then later melt all over the inside of your house. Some muscle work with a spatula or similar tool followed by a thorough hose rinsing should leave you with a clean gutter and minimized leak problems.

Wrap Your pipes

This can save you money on your gas bill, as your water heater won’t have to work as hard, as well as decrease the time you stand shivering in the bathroom waiting for the shower to get hot. Some insulated foam stuck on with some duct tape should get the job done.

Reverse Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans make a big difference in the winter. They massively affect air circulation throughout your home, and since heat rises, you want it to be cycled down and around your home. Turning your fan clockwise direction is typically the way to go.

Trim Tree Limbs

Any tree limbs near or overhanging your house can easily become bogged down with heavy snow or ice. These limbs have potential to break or drop snow on your house, both of which can be damaging to your property. Trimming these excess branches before the snow flies will save you a lot of trouble later.

Block Drafty Spots

The cracks beneath doors and windows can bring in the cold, especially since air squeezes through small spaces at an accelerated rate. A simple rolled up towel pressed tight against a crack of a door or window can solve this, but there are also decorative draft blockers available.

Check Your Alarms

Fire alarms should be replaced every 10 years, their batteries checked before winter strikes, and their functionality checked with a small amount of smoke, as the “test” button doesn’t tell all.

Wear Warm Clothes

While seeming blatantly obvious, many people turn to cranking up the thermostat rather than slipping on a sweatshirt, a simple act that can raise your body temperature by as much as four degrees. Every degree counts when you’re trying to get the most comfort for your money.

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