Several Reasons Why You Should Not Buy the Sony Digital Pocket Recorder

Just when you think Sony puts out quality technology, they give us the Digital Pocket Recorder. Its main function is digital voice recording. Its USB compatible for High-Speed transfer rate to a PC. It comes with software to store and play over 30 MP3 songs. It offers over 11 hours of recording time. However, it definitely does not offer the great quality as advertised.

Among the many things wrong with it is the sound of its recording. The microphone seems to pick up more background noise than your voice. When I replayed what I had just recorded, I was barely able to hear what I said over the noises of my neighbors outside. Sound quality by itself is very poor. What little voice recording you get crackles.

Functions are complex. It almost makes you feel like Homer Simpson trying to figure out how to work the controls of his station at the nuclear power plant. It is not easy to start recording, let alone go back into memory and pull up a specific file. They should offer classes.

Rewinding to a specific place in a recording is as difficult as operating the device. I had recorded a few practice tests, and I wanted to hear the sound quality from the beginning. Just when I thought I had found the start of each recording, I was disappointed that I kept ending up too early or too late in the track. The Sony Digital Pocket Recorder never stops where you want it to.

The battery is not easy to get to. Plus, if the device is jarred everything stored in the memory gets lost. To reach the battery, it’s like pulling teeth. The Sony Digital Pocket Recorder’s sliding battery door opens slightly, but when you force it open far enough – with a screwdriver, the battery springs out. It says a lot about the device when you need to use a special tool to get the battery out without breaking anything.

The outer casing, like most newer technology is plastic and weak. The pocket recorder is not durable enough to withstand any damage. It fell out of my hands when I was trying to get the battey out, and the sliding door flew off and the battery sprung out when it hit the floor. It’s like, if you dropped the flimsy Sony Digital Pocket Recorder once, it would be no less damaging to the device than if you threw it under the tire of a moving car.

Overall, the Sony Digital Pocket Recorder may be small and convenient. But, even for a reasonable price, you’re better off looking for an expensive model in a completely different brand name. It’s not worth saving your money in order to buy this affordable piece of trash.

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