Sex and Love: Do the Two Equal Out?

When a guy meets a woman he is drawn to her sexuality. When a woman meets a guy she is drawn to his personality and his attraction to her. Women are faced with the agonizing dilemma of never knowing from the moment she meets a man if he’s into her or not. Women tend to put so much more into wanting a man and building a relationship with him that she forgets who she is and what she really wants out of the relationship. She begins to forget who she is as a person and a woman. She begins to brain wash herself into becoming this ideal model that a man wants instead of relying on her own self worth. Some women are prone to be sex fiends because they are suffering from a dark space in their hearts and then there are some that are just sex fiends. Women who love sex and feeds on it just the way a man does. Let’s face it what man would want a woman for a wife, who is throwing her self, sexually at him. What woman would want a man who is only drawn to her sexually? In the end the two concepts will never come together and bring about positive results. Someone will lose in the end. There will be hearts broken and dreams crushed. The question then will be how to get up from that kind of fall?

Women can sometimes confuse sex for love by means of gaining power to equal love. They lack emotional intimacy and will bounce from one partner to the next or engage in sexual activities with multiple partners simultaneously. A traumatic experience can also be a cause. Women tend to use sex as a means for masking pain. And like any psychotherapist would claim, these women likely suffered from abandonment, abuse or some sort of family dysfunction. Inadequacy and addiction are other causes of women using sex to equal love. When a woman feels unworthy and unable to be loved they take sex as a second chance at love. This in turn becomes an addiction. It could also be a chance at relieving stress. If these addicted women don’t have a steady lover they will go out and find one. There are emotionally unattached. In order to rise up from being in any of these situations it is best to seek professional help. Talk about the distress and the emotions that are being felt. It is never healthy to have sex when you don’t want to. So don’t have sex because you think it is expected of you, do it because you want to only then will you truly enjoy it.

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