Sex is Good for Your Health

Sexual healing is what Marvin Gaye was singing about, but I am going to take an educated guess that he wasn’t referring to stress, and was more than likely talking about healing his ache, but sex is actually a great stress reliever, and a great emotional and physical energy booster. After all great sex between consenting adults is a health benefit as intimacy promotes neurochemicals and hormones that pour through the body that aids in promoting health and healing.

Burn Up Calories From Having Sex:
Hot monkey love is not a requirement for great sex, but the closeness and bonding that comes from intimacy can be one of the most rewarding parts of a relationship, and the calories that you will burn from your romantic work out is just another benefit. In fact, having sex is equal to running 15 minutes on a tread mill, and according to some studies, an active sex life can help you to live longer due to the peace and well being that comes from having a fulfilling sex life. Of course intimacy requires a bit of exercise, and you can easily burn up 75 to 100 calories per calm interlude. However, more intense sex can run into a full scale diet plan if done often enough. So that means that couples who have sex at least five times a week can burn up to at least 500 calories or more, which is the equivalent of eating one double cheeseburger. This means that you can save money on aerobics, and you won’t have to jog around the block anymore.

Eating Before Sex:
Although we have been allured with the common myth that a romantic dinner is one of the best ways to eventually lead us to an intimate interlude, a full belly and sex really don’t mix well. Its best to eat a light dinner or feed each other small amounts of chocolate-covered fruit, cheeses or figs which were a favorite aphrodisiac of the ancient Greeks due to their high amino acid content which builds up sexual stamina.

Testosterone Issues:
This simple word has been the blame for road rage, and all of those other crazy things that guys do that scare us, but the reality is that testosterone levels peak after sex which can reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes. However it does not refrain the man from wanting to pass out into a coma like sleep after having a good dose of hot monkey love.

Enhancing Your Sex Life:
Afternoon sex is when our hormones are at their highest, but kids, work, daylight and other irritating factors can get in the way of an afternoon tryst. Get a babysitter, play hooky from work, close the blinds, and hang up the “Do Not Disturb” sign.

Pictures in the bedroom are a huge turn off, especially if they are of parents, ex-girlfriends/boyfriends or children. This is particularly a bad idea when the pictures have been placed next to the bed, and the faces appear to be smiling or staring at you. If you can, avoid these types of distractions in your personal area meant for two.

The way to a man’s heart just may be through his stomach or at least his arousal mechanism, that is if you fill the air with the erotic, sweet smell of cinnamon. A study performed by scientists used 200 different smells, and cinnamon helped men to stay aroused by increasing the blood flow to their most private member.

Reasons Why People May Avoid Sex:
Body image and the feeling of being unattractive
Lack of sleep
Breast Feeding
Antidepressants and other medications
No time

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