Shakespeare’s Missing Manuscripts: The Whole Shebang

Imagine the surprise that greeted historians when they stumbled upon that lead case at the bottom of the famous Oak Island Pit. For centuries people have attempted to dig up what they thought was pirate treasure. Instead they came upon the manuscripts for dozens of earlier, lesser known works of William Shakespeare. Apparently these are early drafts of his more famous works and will be featured in an upcoming series of shows co-produced by PBS and Comedy Central. Check local listings for time and channel:


Julius Caesar’s Hour – The great Roman leader lends an ear with an evening of dagger-sharp comedy sketches, musical guests and political intrigue. Watch second banana Brutes’ cutting monologue!

The Abbott and Othello Show – Drama of a jealous king who can’t get to first base with his wife because of his aide’s assistance and his assistant’s aid.

Twelfth Night Live – Two sets of twins and the “Not Ready for Center Stage Players” lampoon politics and society at large. Recurring characters include Sir Belch-meister, The Enchantment Lady, and Ye Olde Bees.

A Midsummer’s Night at the Opera – The three Muse Brothers make life miserable for some pompous asses.

The Nutty Merchant of Venice – A Jewish moneylender gets his Italian buddy in Dutch.

I Love Lucy’s Labour Lost – Princess Lucy and her lady-in-waiting, Ethel, try to sneak into King Ricky’s academy and nightclub.

As You Like it Hot – Women dressed like men fall in love with men dressed like Marilyn Monroe.

Abbott and Othello Meet Frankenstein – the sequel that was cranked out after the success of the first one.

Another Fine Tempest – A bumbling pair of deliverymen try to deliver a magic cauldron up Mt. Olympus and anger the gods.

The Hamletmooners – The Great Dane knows that the king knows that he knows that the king knows that he knows about his father. A blabbermouth ghost told him.

Fibber Macbeth and Molly – A murderous prince comes out of the cluttered closet.

Henry Aldrich IV – A teenage monarch goes through an awkward age – the Middle Ages.

It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Ado About Nothing – A set of twins and lots of comedians go crazy looking for true love and the Big “W.”

The Three Stooges of Verona – Three knuckleheads come to town, are mistaken for plumbers and make a mess of people’s lives, loves, and lawns.

The Comedy of Errors, Bloopers and Practical Jokes – Out-takes from all Shakespeare’s plays.

Abbott & Othello Go to Mars – What can we tell you? A Moorish king and a holy man get launched into space. We don’t know what he was thinking, either. You buy the premise, you by the bit. Besides, we are committed to doing all of the plays, you know?

Now I think we understand we he buried them.

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